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Ship of Strangers by Shaw Bob

Flooding rivers at dusk, wheels threading. Somewhere you are lying in a white bed. The clock. Somewhere a human form. Somewhere, yes, and I am counting. The clean note. I will remember. The road ends somewhere in the flooding river. Why here, strangers. A cartwheel in the stow hold.

A stranger who wheels it on the ice. Somewhere the ship has frozen. The ship has frozen.

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A frozen form. The ship cannot be lifted. Stain in the somewhere. You are lying in a white bed. Why here is the river. On the thigh.

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Orange and purple. Lovely trees in the frozen sky.

Ship of Strangers

Holding somewhere and threading. I lay a stain on the white bed. Remembering what tremendous purple things we did. The mind ends every thing stirring. Somewhere the ship.