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Compare barn swallow, martin. Any of various small, swift-flying birds that have narrow pointed wings, a forked or notched tail, and a large mouth for catching flying insects in the air. Swallows migrate over thousands of miles each year.

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Switch to new thesaurus. Hirundo nigricans , tree martin , tree swallow - of Australia and Polynesia; nests in tree cavities. Iridoprocne bicolor , tree swallow , white-bellied swallow - bluish-green-and-white North American swallow; nests in tree cavities.

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Informal believe , accept , buy slang , fall for , take something as gospel I too found this story a little hard to swallow. Related words adjective hirundine collective noun flight. To cause to pass from the mouth into the stomach: ingest , take. To put up with: abide , accept , bear , brook , endure , go , stand for , stomach , suffer , support , sustain , take , tolerate , withstand. Idioms: take it , take it lying down.

To do away with completely and destructively. Also used with up : consume , devour , eat up , waste. To regard something as true or real: accept , believe. An act of swallowing: gulp , ingestion. Try to swallow the pill; His throat was so painful that he could hardly swallow. You'll never get her to swallow that story! She was swallowed up in the crowd. Trague Pase saliva, por favor. Mentioned in? References in classic literature?

Are nets to stop swallows nesting any way to treat the natural world?

One night there flew over the city a little Swallow. View in context. Yes; but my mouth is painted on, and there's no swallow connected with it,' answered the Scarecrow.

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Take the heart out of the dead bird and swallow it whole, and early every morning when you get up you will find a gold piece under your pillow. It is most undesirable-- especially when people swallow in lumps View in context. If a baby swallow doesn't make a strong first flight, it will crash on the ground.

In order to survive this first flight, a swallow fledgling must have strong wings. That's why it starts exercising, flapping its little wings hard, by the time it's 9 days old. When it's time to fledge, some babies look out at the big world, flap their wings, and suddenly take off! But other babies are more reluctant to fly out. One morning about an hour after sunrise, she noticed that two of the babies had already left the nest.

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When Laura checked on the babies at lunchtime, a third baby had fledged. But the fourth baby just sat--still in the nest, looking around but not budging. Laura sat down and watched as the mother flew up to the nest. She hovered in one spot for over a minute, chattering and looking directly at her baby as if to say, "Come on!

During that time, Laura did not see her feed the baby at all.

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Finally, Laura had to leave for a few minutes. When she came back, the baby was out of the nest, perched on a tree branch with its brothers and sisters, and Laura was sad to have missed its triumphant first flight. If you have a Barn Swallow nest near your home, check on the babies every day or two.


Try to spend extra time near the nest when the babies are getting close to fledging, and see if you can watch them fledge. If you see a Barn Swallow's first flight, write to us at Journey North and describe what you saw!