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Mary Stanton recently finished a year of maintenance treatment. Her scan in February — one year after her stem cell transplant — revealed no cancerous activity, and she is in remission. Love Conquers All Wedding Giveaway. The wedding is expected to take place in August, and a number of local vendor partners have agreed to provide their services free of charge: J. The father of my daughter has taken me through 16 years of child custody battles. These were the hardest times of my life.

I never attacked him, always defending myself, I forgive him. He used my daughter, against me, still does, especially now after the traumatic brain injury, she is highly influenceable.

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Posted in Articles and tagged benevolent love , children love , compassion , custody battles , love and religion , love is patient , Unconditional Love. Why did Paul regard a belief in the resurrection of Jesus so essential? What great values or truths does it hold for us?

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The resurrection proves that truth is stronger than falsehood. If they had finally succeeded in destroying Jesus, falsehood would have been stronger than the truth. The resurrection of Christ is the final guarantee of the indestructibility of the truth. The resurrection proves that good is stronger than evil.

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The resurrection proves that love is stronger than hate. Jesus was the very love of God made flesh for us John 3.

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The resurrection proves that life is stronger than death. In the center of the gifts on the altar was a large sheaf of grain.

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