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Hi smil73, zombies or vampires?

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Wow, it's hard for me to make a choice between teo extremes, isn't it? It's hard for me to imagine a boring life! So I don't need a zombie at all!

I don't like zombies. I don't believe them. But when I first saw zombies coming up towards me from the resting-place and started dancing Really, it was Thriller!! I'm not a zombie fan, since I feel that the concept is too overused. Tons of movies and games come out every year with zombies as a theme. I understand why people like it though, it feels so surreal but a the same time it feels like a real possibility, something that could happen. That makes it feel much more interesting than the other horror movies out there, since it is something that could exist, not someting that already exists but nobody sees.

I do not consider my self as a zombie fan.

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Zombie movies can be fun and entertaining but it is not my type. I like the action but I just do not like the concept of zombies. Vampires are cooler, they are supernatural and superior over the human. But zombies are just a virus that does not do much.. People who are afraid of zombies should just stop being afraid. They do not exist, it is just made up. It is also very exaggerated in the movies.

Zombie Apocalypse (full-length movie)

You should not be afraid. I would not say that I am a zombie fan, but I like scary movies. The watching of the movie am I not such a big fan of, just talking about it and remembering is the fun part. I think that zombis are a bit overrated and that they in some movies look and act really strange.

It depends on the movie wheather I like them or not. I do not know why people like to scare themselves so much, I can only speak for my self. The idea of intimidating yourself and seeing where you draw your own line, is maybe why. It is not fun at the moment you are getting scared, but after when you look back and think about why. I like zombies and zombie movies, but only if they're not too gory. I love suspence and action, and that is something you often find in zombie movies. I think that the reason why people like zombies so much is the same reason as why people generally like horror and gore.

It gives you a adrenalin rush. Zombie movies also offen contain a hero and a good action plot which appeals to alot of people. People would have noticed it at this point and would have killed them or found another solution. The humankind is very curious. I am a big Zombie fan for the simple reason that I think they are really cool, they are the perfect balance between gory and human, and there is also a lagre variety of styles in zombies. I think people like them because they are supernatural enough to make people realise that they are not real, but at the same time human-like enough to hit pretty close to home, like i said, a perfect balance.

I do not find zombies themselves scary, the thing that scares me is the tension and the atmosphere that they can create. I do not enjoy horror films, but I have seen parts of the Walking Dead, and it was always the tension that scared me, knowing the fear that all the characters housed. So why do people like being frightened? I believe that they want to feel something out of the ordinary, and in such a way get an adrenaline kick.

This is also the reason why people go skydiving etc. Some people may feel too little excitement in their comfortable lives. This is their way of filling that gap. Even when I've watched shows with mythical creatures, I've found zombies to be the least interesting ones. Watching horror movies and frightening yourself with ideas of zombies kind of acts as a roller coaster. You get scared but you also feel adrenaline, which is a feeling that many people enjoy. I'm not saying I want our world to be deeply shaken by a zombie apocalypse, just that I think zombies are cool.

And no, I don't want to meet a zombie. I don't think anyone would want that. But considering zombies are kind of supernatural, why wouldn't you think they're cool or at least interesting? I think they are interesting. How can one become poisoned by someone else's bite? And according to the zombie shows I've seen, biting through humans flesh isn't that hard for zombies. But what, do they just magically get shaper teeth? Because I don't think taking a bite of human flesh is as easy as eating a banana.

And if they DON'T get sharper teeth, they need a little strength to bite through that skin and flesh. But have you seen a zombie movie? They are basically just skin and bones! And how can they even function? What if they don't get to eat for years? Are they still going to function normally? How do they get nutrition during the years of "hunger"? Last time I checked, we can't live unless we get some kind of nutrition.

The Best Zombie Books Out There

Have you seen how slow they are? Even I go faster on a Sunday than the speed they are going at. You see, I have tons of questions that need to be answered. I think people get themselves scared because they want something to talk about. I mean, what would I talk about right now if it wasn't for zombies?

I would consider myself a zombie fan and that is because I think they are very cool and scary and I think that my arguments would be the arguments for most other people aswell. I would say that I am a big fan of Zombies. The reason I think many people are scared of zombies is because in a apocalypse you are afraid of losing the ones you love.

The Best Zombie Books Out There – Norman Christof

And if someone who is close to you turn into a Zombie that could be quite traumatic. But it can also be a relief perhaps your boss turns into a Zombie. Log in Sign up Newsletter. Instructions Do the preparation exercise first. Then read the text and do the other exercises. One of the guards strolled casually towards the open side of the lookout post and shielded his eyes as he scanned south.

Jojo diverted his attention back to the eight riflemen facing him, all of them wearing the tan beret of the 1st Ranger Regiment. In keeping with military protocol, he was to be put to death by members of his own unit. In the face of his imminent death he felt remarkably calm. Instead his brain relayed fleeting images of the people closest to him — his parents, Ferret, Sam, Charlie, Uncle Joe. Hard as he tried to hold onto them, them flittered away, like autumn leaves before a stiff breeze. He felt numb. It was as though the bullets had already been fired and he was already dead. Why were they waiting?

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They were waiting on the command, he realized, one that Buckland seemed disinclined to give. Even now he was looking across at Litherland, his mouth working itself into formless shapes, his complexion pallid. Seconds ticked torturously by. From outside came another rattle of gunfire, this one more protracted. Now it was joined by the clack-clack-clack of a bulldozer. Atop the wall, the guards were scurrying around to get a better look. Whatever was going on out there was evidently more interesting than watching a man being put to death. Buckland looked nervously from Jojo to the firing squad, to Litherland.

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You what, Buckland? You need to use the bathroom? Buckland remained at attention, eyes front in a thousand yard stare. Now nut up and get the job done. Say that again so everyone here can bear witness to your act of treason. Litherland stared back at him as though astounded by this act of insubordination. Step aside. Buckland flashed a glance at Jojo, desperation in his eyes. His mouth worked again, forming those soundless words. Jojo followed the sound of this new voice.

A soldier was jogging across the prison yard. Litherland turned towards the newcomer, a Ranger corporal who Jojo thought looked vaguely familiar. From beyond the walls came a sustained blast of heavy gunfire, a fifty Jojo reckoned. Both of the guards were staring into the distance now. One of them was pointing.

The corporal came to a halt in front of Litherland and delivered a smart salute, which Litherland failed to return. Litherland made no move to take it. Litherland snatched the paper away, ripped through the seal and began reading. Litherland read the note again, his face growing a deeper shade of red with each passing second. He ripped the note in two, crumpled it into a ball, threw it on the ground, stomped on it for good measure.

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Then, as suddenly as it had started, his outburst was over. He shrugged, brushed at the front of his shirt, straightened his collar. A smirk formed on his face, then morphed into a fully-fledged smile. Sounds too much like tempting fate. Charlie stood in the center of the road. To his left lay open desert, to his right an overgrown embankment topped by a collapsed and tottering boundary wall. Just beyond the walls, an endless row of tall, evenly spaced palms followed the expanse of the road into the distance.