Manual Hot Dinners: Silly Poems For Kids.

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Whenever I eat spaghetti for lunch, all I want to do is take a nap in the afternoon. Which made me realize that fast food makes you slow, while slow food meaning healthy, well-prepared foods with lots of vegetables tends to give you more energy, even though it might not taste as good. Slow food might even make you lighter and faster. Would you like to use this poem in your classroom?

Haiku for the Mind and Body

Would you like permission to reprint, record, recite or broadcast this poem, or set it to music? Please click on one of the following links for permissions and reprint rights information:. Poems by Email Enter your email address for weekly funny poems. Follow Me. Best Kids Books. Shop Local. It's storytelling.

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It's cool. In April, my classes come alive with the magic of slam poetry as students become authors and performers. They re-discover wonder and learn to let down their guard. They learn that there is intersectionality between their story and the stories of others. They are appreciated. They appreciate others. When I use this fun poetry activity for high school students , my classroom really becomes a true community.

Grab my slam poetry "mini" unit to get your students started with slam poetry! Not sure which slam poems are school-appropriate and engaging? Here are 40 of my favorite slam poems! This poetry writing activity is FREE if you're willing to grab some paint chips from your local hardware store, preferably ones with multiple colors in one.

Or, Amazon sells an awesome paint chip poetry "game. This is an oldie, but goodie poetry writing exercise for high school students. Copy a page or two from a whole class novel. Or better yet, choose a completely divergent text, maybe a science textbook or page from a dictionary.

hot dinners silly poems for kids Manual

Students string together words on the page to form a poem, and black-out the rest of the words. If they want to go above and beyond, they can create an original illustration to accompany their blackout poem. Take your students to the library or have them browse a site like Goodreads and challenge them to create poems from book titles. Each title becomes a line in the poem. An optional challenge: have students choose or randomly draw a theme, and their poem has to relate to their chosen theme. I created these templates as a quick fun poetry activity for high school sophomores after my librarian told me that having my classes pull so many books would be a pain to re-shelve.

A lot of teachers are loving my reading progressive dinner stations. Poems are short and accessible texts that always rock when used with this activity. Here are some options for poetry stations, a fun group poetry activity:. If you're studying word choice and tone in poetry, why not have students transform a poem, switching from one tone to another? Then, have students write a reflection analyzing why they made important changes. This poetry activity is exactly what it sounds like.

Or, have students listen to a TED talk or story, writing down a certain of words they hear. Potato Chips By Anthony Gallagher. A potato chip is something Never ceasing to amuse. I love it's funny wrinkles And the crunch way it chews. Father Loses Weight By X. My father lost a pound last night He lost it where it bounces. He cried, "Good grief! Some gross sneak-thief Swiped my favorite 16 ounces! He made us all line up and strip. Our cat blinked in amazement.

He stomped on the bathroom scale and screamed, He's not the best of losers Until the county sheriff beamed This call to all police cruisers:. Lost -- one pound of weight! All cars be on the lookout! If found, the hound who pinched the pound May be armed.

School Lunches

This means danger! Take care. Prepare to shoot on sight The least suspicious stranger. Alas poor Dad! He felt so sad He ate to ease his troubles, Six sirloin steaks, eight wedding cakes, And ten cheeseburgers doubles , But all the while he gulped French Fries Adrip with salty suet His missing pound was homeward bound With more pounds sticking to it. Speak Clearly By Martin Gardner. You're old enough to know, my son, It's really awfully rude If someone speaks when both his cheeks Are jammed and crammed with food.

Your mother asked you how you liked the onions in the stew. You stuffed your mouth with raisin bread And mumbled, "Vewee goo. And now you're asking me if you Can have more lemon Jell-O. Please listen carefully, "Yes, ifoo Arstilla ungwy fello.

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Although Elaine was quiet, She liked to cause a stir By acting out the nickname Her camp-mates gave to her. Elaine from that day forward Was always in command, On hikes, she'd eat some birch-bark On swims, she'd eat some sand.

Have Fun with Food Poems!

At meals she'd swallow prune-pits And never have a pain, While everyone around her Would giggle, "Oh Elaine! O Humpty! Shining in his stickiness and glistening with honey, Safe among his sisters and his brothers on a tray, With raisin eyes that looked at me as I put down my money, There smiled a friendly cinnamon bun, and this I heard him say:.

I know we're going to be good friends: I like your honest face: Together we might to a long, long way. The baker's girl rang up the sale. I smiled back at that cinnamon bun and ate him, 1,2,3 And walked out with his friendliness inside. An oyster has no hands or feet To put itself in motion. It never waves or runs to meet Companions in the ocean.

It has no mouth or nose or eyes Like other water creatures, Which makes it hard to recognize An oyster by its features. An oyster can't go any place.