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Mexico: Trouble in paradise

Suspected members of a gang known as Los Tequileros took the 10, which included two minors, from the municipality of San Jeronimo on Thursday evening, said Roberto Alvarez, a spokesman for a government task force overseeing security in Guerrero. Alvarez said the gang was created by former cohorts of drug cartels the Knights Templar and La Familia, and had been carrying out kidnappings in the state for ransom for several months.

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Home to beach resort Acapulco, Guerrero has been mired in violence for years, and suffered more than 1, murders in the first nine months of this year, according to official data. The kidnappings are the latest sign of how the government is struggling to beat violent crime in the troubled state after suffering one of its biggest crises over the abduction of the 43 trainee teachers in the city of Iguala in late September The government said the 43 were abducted by corrupt police and handed over to another drug gang, who killed the students, believing some of them were working for a rival outfit.

Mexican cartels threatening tourism in Cancun - Unreported World

During the day, a video on YouTube appeared, showing interrogations of the two men whose bodies had been found the day before. The search of the grave ended Thursday without uncovering any more bodies. But the authorities said they expected to continue searching nearby.

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    Acapulco Kidnap Mystery May be Solved - The New York Times

    When the men were reported kidnapped by an armed commando on Sept. The kidnapping was reported by a member of the group, who had watched from inside a store. In the weeks that followed, their families struggled to explain that the men were the victims of a mistake. They presented documents showing that the repair shop paid taxes and social security for its employees. Tell us what you think.

    Extortion in Acapulco: Victims often abducted and driven to ATMs

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