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There are plenty of students on your campus who are well known and active on social media who could be great partners. Members of Greek life and student organizations are also majorly connected and many are happy to share messages that feel important to them. I want you to think of yourself as a talent agent and hit the streets online and on-campus to discover an up and coming influencer. Search your campus tag location on Instagram, hashtags on Twitter and Instagram and search key terms on YouTube.

Heck, even see if you have anyone on your campus with lots of followers on Twitch! Doing this search you will may find quality photographers, videographers, vloggers, bloggers and more.

Advanced Social Media Strategies for Student Affairs

Some of you may even have bona-fide influencers on your campus with a reach that goes way beyond your campus. Happy Labor Day, Redbirds! Stay tuned to our social media throughout the week for more information on the events mentioned. Have a great Monday!

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Feeling stuck on what kind of content you should be sharing? I have a challenge for you: think back to last year and make a list of every campus event or activity that your division put on or took part in. Feel free to take a break if your hand starts cramping up writing them out!

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I have good news: that list of events is also a juicy list of opportunities to capture super shareable content — that should be broken down further into microcontent! I recently did a benchmarking project as part of a consulting contract with a university that compared 10 centralized division of student affairs accounts. I conducted a deep dive into their accounts and posts, and I found that the most successful student affairs departments are the ones who act as digital historians. They constantly capture video and photo content that brought their events, activities, services, and teams to life.

The departments that do so, see engagement rates that are approximately 1.

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  • Scrolling through their Instagram , you can see snapshots from all kinds of events. Each moment that they share, from a sideline picture of a football game to a great group picture at a freshman welcome event to graduation, shows off student life at Weber State. Today was a busy day full of smiles, hugs, and tears. Congratulations to the Class of !

    Here are some of the moments that were captured. Best of luck to all of the graduates in their future endeavors. Check out these tweets about a recent football game:. The Monuments shine blue and orange for? We will see you at the Alamodome Saturday night! BirdsUp pic. Getting rowdy during the Spirit Walk! Light it up! In this context, we discuss how micro-level information practices link to higher-level strategic and political intentions in the organization. We hence address the question: How do Information Managers contribute to modern organizational strategizing?

    There are several domains where important contributions of IM can be identified: We start by discussing how data and information can be considered as a resource and used for resource-based enterprise strategies to yield competitive advantage.

    We focus on strategic aspects of information audits and analysis of information flows. Then we reflect on political influences on the interpretation of data in the context of business intelligence, strategic decision making, and organizational governance. The specific conceptualization of knowledge in the organization defies a simply resource perspective but is also leading to the important strategic question of how to manage intangible resources and strategic organizational learning. Related to this is the notion of organizational ambidexterity , i. Information Management can further contribute in important ways to the customer interface of an organization.

    We aim at extending our knowledge on computer-mediated communication to strategic social media management. Mintzberg, Henry, and Alexandra McHugh. Choudhury, V. Crossan, M. Light it up! Digital historians need to come from everywhere, not just the person in charge of marketing or social media. Create a centralized way to share images, videos or even reflections, such as on google drive. Also, seek out User Generated Content UGC during and after the event or experience, search for relevant hashtags and tagged locations.

    Of course, always ask permission and give credit when you re-share.

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    This post from Stony Brook Student Affairs shows how simple and easy it can be to share and give credit where credit is due:. And I ran into Dean Driscoll at the starting line … and yes she finished first.

    Advanced Series in Management

    See you at Wolfieland tonight! One of the surest ways to get your content noticed on social media is to use video content. MyTopCollege has an elephant that does the moon walk. How about yours? Speaking of quick clips, Instagram Stories are a simple way to share moments that feel organic and not overly produced.

    Not sure what kind of content to put on an Instagram story? Check out this Infographic from Brandwatch:. Another way to stand out is to look into live streaming opportunities. The Division of Student Affairs at the University of Arkansas proves that short live streams can draw plenty of views too! Every year for their annual giving campaign, they do a series of short live streams that get lots of views, likes, and shares.

    One critical component of a successful social media strategy in Student Affairs is diving into the analytics and seeing what works and what areas you can improve on. This can sometimes feel like a daunting task, especially when there are so many tools and platforms out there that can get pretty expensive. Take a minute to think about every social media account in your student affairs division. Most of you will probably be able to list several accounts that are all run by different professionals and students.

    What I often see happen is that some accounts have really strong performance, while others have low activity, interest or engagement levels. The reality is that not every department in student affairs, no matter how big your university or department is, needs a full time marketing professional. I also understand the battle that would be faced when closing down accounts to have one centralized social media presence for the division.

    Identifying the accounts that are struggling through this basic audit process should not happen overnight. Sometimes professional development and resources are required to get accounts improving and re-energized. Here are a few resources to get you started:. I find that many areas within student affairs fall under certain themes or clusters, such as health and wellness. For example, the counseling center, health center, outdoor recreation, etc. The key here is that these areas must align with mission, tactics and even personality to make one themed page work.