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In our faith life it is normal to experience seasons of intense growth, as well as seasons of drought.

Her latest study, Fed Up with Flat Faith: 10 Attitudes and Actions to Pump Up Your Faith , Kathy takes a closer look at the various things that threaten to snuff out our passion for pursuing God, and growing our faith, and then offers tried and true solutions that can help revive us in our faith journeys. Kathy encourages us to move from trying to work our way closer to Christ, to growing in our relationship with Him. Each chapter contains study questions to help you along the way. We were created to be in relationship with God-not some dull, boring, flat, belief, but actual relationship , where we can spend time learning His heart and hearing from Him—applying His truths to our lives.

Want a more vibrant faith life? Start with this book. Sounds like a great read!

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This book sounds great! Like, wow. And the site looks fantastic, by the way! Hi Kris, this sounds like a great book. I love encouragement to seek His presence. There is nothing boring and flat about being with Him, responding—fully—to His voice and living out His truth!

Yes, I want to live like that. Thank you for your beautiful words and heart, friend. As he left, I gave him some of my special chili and some French bread. He told me that he seldom gets home-made food—it meant a lot to him. Or was it a promise. We had lived in the same neighborhood for ten years.

We had gotten to know almost all of our immediate neighbors rather well, and I had been able to share my faith with at least eight of them. And now it was time to start anew. We were as surprised as the next person to find ourselves in Palm Beach, Florida in a two-bedroom apartment, overlooking the IntraCoastal Waterway.

But God had a grand answer to my simple request, and the opportunities to share my faith began immediately. I was able to give the Property Manager, one of my small books. Then the man came to install cable TV. I asked if he had any time to read.

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When he answered in the affirmative, I showed him four, small sermon booklets from Robert Schuller of the Hour of Power. I let him choose one. The next person was working on the DSL. When he found out the importance of DSL to me as a writer, he was curious about what I wrote.

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He was thrilled to leave with one of my small books. Our neighbor was next—followed by four young people we met in the pool. As we left, I offered to loan them our noodles to float on. They gladly accepted.

Fed Up With Flat Faith

When they returned the noodles, they asked to borrow some garlic. And when they returned the garlic, I gave them a business card—in case they ever needed something else.

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And of course, that has my website address, which at that time had a free e-book to download. And who knows? Twenty years ago I was having lunch with a pastor in our city.

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In the middle of our conversation, he somehow drew the two men sitting at the next table into our conversation. At first, I thought he must know them from somewhere, but it quickly became apparent that they were complete strangers. However, then the scene became even more bizarre. Before I knew it, my pastor friend was praying with the two men—right there in the restaurant.

After lunch, we walked to the car and I asked my friend, Was that your intention? Did you start talking to them so you could get the opportunity to share Christ with them? When my friend answered in the affirmative I asked, How did you do that? For weeks I tried his approach. When I went to lunch I tried to engage people in spiritual conversations, and I only ended up alienating people in restaurants and giving myself indigestion!

I needed my own way of sharing my faith. I knew I needed to find the way God wanted to use me to share the greatest gift of all. I needed an opportunity to witness other approaches for sharing the gospel.

That was twenty years ago. Since then God has given me an approach that fits the way He made me. There is no longer a reason to fumble around. In Simple Ways to Share Your Faith, Phyllis Dolislager has given the reader examples of how various people have been used by God to share their faith.