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Service Systems Engineering

Volume 11 Issue 1 March Volume 10 Issue 4 December Volume 10 Issue 3 September Volume 10 Issue 2 June Volume 10 Issue 1 March Volume 9 Issue 4 December Volume 9 Issue 3 September Volume 9 Issue 2 June Volume 9 Issue 1 March Volume 8 Issue 4 December Volume 8 Issue 3 September Volume 8 Issue 2 June Volume 8 Issue 1 March Volume 7 Issue 4 December Volume 7 Issue 3 September Volume 7 Issue 2 June Volume 7 Issue 1 March Volume 6 Issue 4 December Volume 6 Issue 3 September Volume 6 Issue 2 June Volume 6 Issue 1 March Volume 5 Issue 4 December Volume 5 Issue 3 September Volume 5 Issue 2 June Volume 5 Issue 1 March Volume 4 Issue 4 December Volume 4 Issue 3 September Volume 4 Issue 2 June Volume 4 Issue 1 March Volume 3 Issue 4 December Volume 3 Issue 3 September Volume 3 Issue 2 June Volume 3 Issue 1 March Volume 2 Issue 4 December Volume 2 Issue 3 September Volume 2 Issue 2 June Volume 2 Issue 1 March Volume 1 Issue 4 December Volume 1 Issue 3 September Volume 1 Issue 2 June Volume 1 Issue 1 March Free Access.

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Arun Rai. Vallabh Sambamurthy. Published Online: 1 Dec Back to Top. Figures References Related Information Cited By Understanding the influence of digitalization on service firm business model design: a qualitative-empirical analysis. Understanding digital transformation: A review and a research agenda. An app a day keeps a customer connected: Explicating loyalty to brands and branded applications through the lens of affordance and service-dominant logic. Openness of technology adoption, top management support and service innovation: a social innovation perspective.

Creating the foundation for digital twins in the manufacturing industry: an integrated installed base management system.

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Coordinating failed goods collecting and repair capacity policies in the maintenance of commoditized capital goods. Leadership and Organization Innovation Adoption.

Towards a Service Provision Society

Innovation among different classes of software development organizations. Disentangling the effect of services on B2B firm value: Trade-offs of sales, profits, and earnings volatility. A service network perspective to evaluate service matching in early design.

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Providing Software as a Service: a design decision s model. From data to value: A nine-factor framework for data-based value creation in information-intensive services. A green model for the catering industry under demand uncertainty. Exploring task-service fit and usefulness on branded applications continuance.

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Big data integration with business processes: a literature review. IT service management automation and its impact to IT industry. Technology-enabled value co-creation: An empirical analysis of actors, resources, and practices.

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Computer Science Information Systems. Show all. It covers a wide range of information systems implementations and their management. Overall, I recommend this collection to academics …. Pages Werkers, Evi et al.

Management Information Systems

Pages Juvonen, Pasi et al. Pages Barney, Hamish T. IS Degrees — Sociotechnical or Technosocial? Pages Coady, Jenny et al.