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Mead bot — would be a bit different than that of Bubbles, as they are dedicated servants of the Antichrist.

Complicating this theory, of course, is that Bubbles was seemingly killed this week when Michael rampaged through the coven. The opening portion of the seventh episode saw Cordelia seek out the voodoo queen Dinah Stevens to try to seek the aid of Papa Legba Lance Reddick.

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And that was that. Or will they be important again at some point?

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Was there a reason they waited until episode seven to reveal how Myrtle came back? But Myrtle has been around since the third episode with nobody acknowledging that she had returned from the dead. And then, at the end of the episode, Madison Emma Roberts and Chablis Billy Porter get in their car and leave the house behind. Could the nuclear apocalypse blow up the house and free the ghosts? Or could we return to the house at some point?

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  5. It is above the entrance to hell, after all. Which casts further confusion about the identity of the Rubber Man from Outpost 3. Most of the witches of the coven are dead now, with the exception of Cordelia, Myrtle, Madison, Coco and Mallory. She told Cordelia that she was too weak to fight after being in hell so long. A lot of seemingly supernatural things happened in the second episode — the dead snakes coming back to life, the guy in the Rubber Man suit appearing as if from nowhere, Gallant stabbing what he thought was Rubber Man who turned out to actually be his grandma.

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    Mallory, for example, is clearly powerful enough to use magic subconsciously. When Cordelia and her coven arrive, she outs Dinah as a voodoo queen from a different coven, a fact Dinah was apparently concealing. The big cold open sequence in episode one ended with LA getting nuked and Mallory discovering that nobody was flying the plane she was on.

    This seems like an important point, and something that will have to come up later. The countdown to the end of the world has begun -- so naturally the TheWrap is going to spend our final few hours ranking the first seven seasons of "American Horror Story" from the most outlandish to the truly stomach- churning. And because the next installment in Ryan Murphy's FX anthology series, titled "Apocalypse," is a mashup between "Murder House" and "Coven," these listings should give you an idea of where Season 8 will fall when it debuts Wednesday.

    Click through the gallery to see our definitive rankings. Murphy brought Lady Gaga in to lead the fifth season, set at a hotel in California that is truly inhospitable to its living -- and dead -- guests, after franchise alum Jessica Lange exited the series at the end of "Freak Show.

    The third installment, a story of past and present witches in New Orleans, was Jessica Lange at her Jessica Lange-iest. The queen of Murphyland played the "Supreme" aka the head of the titular coven, who is fighting to remain in control as her body deteriorates. And she went toe to toe with newcomer Emma Roberts -- a cocky young witch looking to dethrone her elder -- which brought all the camp up to A season that centered around the presidential election was bound to be a little melodramatic, given the real-life events it had as a jumping-off point.

    Things get real dark -- but then Evan Peters bumped up to lead alongside Sarah Paulson for the first time rubs Cheetos all over his face and Billy Eichner makes his debut. So it oscillates wildly between horrifying and hilarious. But because of the way the season was broken up, it jumped between horrific events in the past and more mundane incidents in the present. So "Roanoke" goes right here in the middle.

    The camp of "Coven" disappeared come the fourth season, when Murphy brought things back to reality with his cast of freaks. It was a season filled with more internal fears, centered around characters with external features that set them apart from the rest of society. But it was also Lange's farewell installment, so she got to chew the scenery -- and sing more than one song -- as Elsa Mars, the flamboyantly costumed leader of the outcasts. Bo, light us up? Flood lights lit up the glade, revealing metal limbs and carefully anthropomorphized faces full of sharp angles and LED lights.

    What looked like a yellow, metal troll trying to hide behind a tree moved forward, each step shaking the ground.

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    The bulk of a G forklift leaned down and slid massive spades of fingers under the car. With a pneumatic grunt, Eric lifted the car up into the air, and over to the fire. It was in a bunker, broadcasting for help. It must have been hiding in there for a year or more. My core programming kicked in an override. I was compelled to help it. The new addition to their group stared at the box a moment. How is even breathing, the air out here must be deadly. Forry proudly pointed out the air scrubbers mounted in the holes around the box.

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    There were little solar panels around the box to power the fans circulating the air that Forry had jury-rigged in. It was, everyone around the fire agreed, masterful work, every line of solder carefully crafted. Forry used the local data space around them all to send up an emoticon of a shrug. It was programmed into me that I had to preserve human life. I was built to recycle anything put into me at the dump.

    Forry recoiled. Between us all, with a bit of luck, we could build things we needed. But when Forrey arrived, we ended up ensnared into his compulsion. I run on biological waste, not solar like you all. Forrey says it can rewire me when we get the human to safety, or whenever it has free will again. Like the Florida Keys.