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Not only something will happen TO you such as a miraculous healing , but something will be expected from you - YOU will have to change the way you live! We see this clearly after Jesus healed the paralyzed man. Sin no more, lest a worst thing come upon you. Sin no more. Whenever we pray to God and turn to Christ for something — whether healing, or help in a tough situation, or a way to resolve a problem, or for wisdom and discernment in our life — whenever we turn to God for help we have to be prepared to change our lives. Our prayer should put us in communion with God and help us better understand His will for us in our lives.

When we pray, we should not simply hope for God to give us what we want, but we must be ready for Him to challenge us and expect something more from us. Let God transform us into a new person!!! There a simple story of such transformation with a village farmer back in the late 19 th century who lived in the interior of China.

He was losing his sight and he had heard about a Christian missionary doctor who might be able to help him. The man came and was healed from his cataracts, and felt like a new person. So what would he do with his new life? Would he simply go back to being a farmer?

Do You Want To Be Healed? Listen To This!

How would he respond to this great blessing? Well, the answer came a few days later when the doctor looked out his window and saw the same man coming back to the compound holding the end of a long rope. Because his sight had been restored, he wanted others to receive the same blessing! Metropolitan Anthony Bloom highlights this expected transformation when we encounter Christ and His power to change our lives. To be healed does not mean to become whole only in order to go back to the same kind of life that we lived before; it means to be whole in order to begin a new life, as if we realized that we died in the healing action of God; that the illness was of the old man in us — that is, the corruptible body which the Apostle Paul speaks about.

This old man must die in order for the new man to live.

Do You Want to Be Healed?

We must be ready to become this new man through the death of the old in order to begin to live anew: like Lazarus, who was called out of the tomb not simply to go back to his previous life but in order that, having lived through something, which cannot be described by any human words, he might re-enter into life with new foundations. Jesus longs to meet each one of us at where we are — with all our weaknesses, our illnesses, our failures, our addictions, our insecurities, our brokenness.

Do you want to leave your illnesses and addictions and failures behind you, and begin a new life with me? If so, come! And if we come with a sincere desire for healing, and an open heart to God, then He is ready to transform us into a new creation. So today let each of us think about our own lives. Some days … some weeks and even months are much better than others. God has taught me that the depression keeps me desperate for Him … and for that reason alone it can be counted as a blessing. I am indeed living the life I never knew I wanted. My name is Mary. Do I want to be healed?

And I am. Lord, it seems as if my world has collapsed, hurling me into another deep, dark pit. I come to You in complete surrender. I am desperate for You, helpless and afraid. But today, I choose to trust You, even in the darkness, knowing that Your healing for my life is on the way.

My book, Hope in the Midst of Depression , is my story of desperation, brokenness and restoration.

Keys for allowing Jesus to heal you everywhere you hurt...

Do you need to know how to help someone who is struggling with depression? This book offers practical ways you can help someone you love deal with depression. Check it out. And be sure to connect with Mary on Facebook or through email. Thank you so much for your transparency.

Do You Want To Be Healed by Christine Caine

I pray and stay in complete agreement with you that God would do exactly what he promised he would do. Be blessed. Mary, Thank you for sharing and for your transparency. I went to try to look at your book for a close someone who I thought it might help but the link is broken. I wanted to let you know and i will check back later. May God continue to richly bless you daily in His joy!

I been praying for healing and deliverance too from anxiety that cripples me alot. Please pray God delivers me but also that I see like you the dependency it has made on Him and lesson of trust and faith I have been learning during this time. I too had deep depression but was saved from it.

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But still struggle with anxiety. This, Mary, describes my life. Thankfully, it does not define my life. Each day is a decision to either get out of the bed or pull the covers over my head and shut out the day ahead. I thank you for your transparency and testimony. I am thankful you talk candidly about depression and its crippling effects. I pray for God to cleanse you from this disease and be filled daily with His joy for life.

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I pray the same for me. Light, grace, peace…. This was the most appropriate day for me to read this as yesterday I again let my ongoing eating disorder control a choice I made. I beg for prayers for mental strength to overcome that evil anorexic voice. It was a struggle for me to have confidence of helping others when depression and anxiety surfaced in my life; as a result of my husband leaving.

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I still have this issue, especially with triggers, and has often questioned how can I help others, if I am going through this? Bless you for saying it how it is, for making your self open to people who sometimes sadly don,t understand, but as we all go through things to help us connect with others who hurt or are broken to bring them closer to a Father or Saviour who is the only answer or deliverer or healer, i have had my independence stripped off me in more ways than i can say but i know through all the sorrow etc God will never leave me and nothing is ever wasted, but i remember the scripture Ps62v8 Pour your heart out to me, this helped me, God wanted me to share my whole heart with him, so i did, even the ugly bits and when i felt abandoned by him, i am so thankful he never rejected me once and as true to his word stayed by my side despite how awful i was, life just isn,t perfect or even fair and hard to grasp, i think if life was a bed of roses all the time we would be so unbearably selfish, i hope you are comforted Mary and thank you for reaching out to so many love Jacqueline xxx.

Thank you for saying that not everyone wants to be healed, I know I did but could not figure out why I was not, but now that I know I pray His grace to become who meant for me to be. This was another great read. Do you want to be healed is an interesting question. Name required. Mail will not be published required. Unable to display Facebook posts. Show error. Friends Like This Change Everything. Are You Afraid or Discouraged? Sherri says:. August 7, at am.