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The story is a relationship, rather than an action tale, which flows effortlessly from scene to scene. When I read the quote it fitted perfectly in to that particular scene. The relationship aspect of the story has not created a standard romantic novel, it is different, because the author creates tension between each of the characters as he pushes the story to its final conclusion. It is a sharp concise novel that will entertain and linger in the mind after you have read the final page. The story captivated me from the first few pages as I read his descriptions of the medical areas behind the lines in WW1.

The author brought the whole horror of this war to life. Campbell has the ability to capture the period, regardless of the decade. The historic detail enhances the story without overwhelming the reader with facts. A love story to be read and enjoyed at leisure.

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Rating this book as a five star read was no effort at all. I could feel the damp, smell the river, and feel the fear of being out and about after dark during those dark days.

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A must read for those who love accurate historic fiction. The author has recreated the time and the place, and the life style of the various levels of society. The main character is a young woman who is being manoeuvred in to marriage because of a shameful act that was not her fault. I found myself wishing this young woman would take a swing at certain family members, but of course this was , not I read this book on a Kindle while travelling and I would regale my wife with bits and pieces of the story. Once I started the story I found it hard not to keep reading the next page and the next and so on, even at the risk of lost sleep.

It seems to me that The Tuzla Run is tailor made for an action movie. Far Away Home is a joy to read. Within the time it took to read the first page I was in to the story. Meeting the main character, Aislynn, in New York, is to step back in time. In her desire for accuracy, I believe Denning drove a covered wagon through similar terrain as did her main character when she crossed the wide open spaces between New York and Utah. Denning experienced the trials of such transport and her personal experience adds credibility to the story.

The relationship between the characters moves the story steadily forward. They became real to this reader, so much so, that I was quite sad to reach the end of the book. If you are interested in the old American west, and you like strong characters, who stand up for themselves and their friends, then this is the book for you. Wind from Danyari. The scene is set with the arrival of the first Europeans to the area. This is followed by the introduction of Joe Hennessey, in the late s, who, as a teenager, sets out to attempt to make his fortune in the gold fields of northern Australia.

The story flows as the author paints her characters to the harsh canvas of Australia between to the outbreak of WW1. The story has romance, tragedy and adventure, which are mixed with the way of life of two cultures. The ancient aboriginal way and the newcomers creates tension and sadness. I found the book to be a page turner. I believe that this book is the first in a series that chronicles the Hennessey family. The story begins in the time of innocence in Australia of The author showed me the lives of people in outback Australia of that time, and how their innocence changed as the war progressed.

'Killing one extremist can actually produce more extremists by activating family or acquaintances'

Lamperd has the knack of describing the conditions of north west Australia to such an extent that she had my mouth dry from windblown sand, only to be washed clean in the next chapter by watered down beer in a London pub on a damp wet night, after a bombing raid over Germany. Her description of the Kakoda trail, the mud, the tropical heat and rain, with the expectation of fighting the Japanese brings to life the bestiality of man when at war. Thanks; Rgds. Naipaul wrote about this in his book Among the Believers. He also pointed out — in his usual brilliant way — that Muslim immigrants to the West who enthusiastically demand their religious rights never even consider that Westerners in their home countries should be granted the same rights.

Because being a Muslim is different.

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Related somewhat to the irony of Western feminists who are reluctant to question Muslim immigrants about their opinions regarding abortion. This is particularly glaring when Muslim politicians are running for public office on the Democratic ticket.

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Hey, the real reason this film will not initially reach wide release is for the grave charge of not passing the Bechdel Test!!! Both clips have zero female voices. If only it were more inclusive and diverse the filmmakers would get their desired distribution. Was Linda Sarsour? Shame on these two male documentarians.

To best understand Jihadists one must understand the history that motivates them. September 11th is a significant date, Muslims wish to avenge. Additionally October 7th is another date Muslims would like to avenge see Oct. Jihadists children know this history, Western children do not. We have been constantly bombarded with the stuff from one venue or another for years. Something that always strikes me as horribly ironic is that Europeans, in particular, are so hung up in guilt over colonization that they refuse to blame any of the malfeasance of Muslims on them.

So apologetic about their past sense of superiority, they deny Muslims their essential humanity, and treat them like dogs. If they misbehave, it is the fault of Europeans for having abused them or failing to properly train them. My experience has been different. Even many young Muslims know nothing about the origins of their religion any more than secular Christians know about the development of Christianity.

If you think that none of this is a problem for anyone in the western hemisphere, try you tube or reading Ayaan Hirsi Ali, or Sam Harris, or Gad Saad, and think about how Islam easily becomes political and expansive based on the religious dictates. The distinction between Islamic, Islamist and Jihadist is important to understand. I think most Muslims just want to live lives — work, have families, and be part of the community. Five per cent. Sounds insignificant. Roughly, the entire population of Germany and Austria combined. Most of my friends, lovely well meaning people, have the vague idea that the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists had it coming because they were racist on some level.

I think at least part of the reason for this as secular post Christian people, who barely understand that much of their worldview and certainly the societies we still live in are shaped by Christianity, cannot really comprehend that other peoples actions are motivated by faith — therefore the killers of the cartoonists must be motivated by something other than faith in their view, something like politics. Similarly they make the assumption, that fundamentally, all peoples want the same things, as is peoples motivations and actions are not ever shaped by belief and worldview.

This is the multicultural dream, which I think probably comes from Hindu thinking, that all religions are just manifestations of the same underlying cosmic or spiritual truth, more or less just dressed in different clothes. Modern day political Islam starts in the s with the Muslim Brotherhood.

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It s a rejection of western culture and particularly the freedom of women to choose who they can marry. Islam is product of tribal society where the power of the tribe depends upon number of males. Women are controlled because their fertility must be controlled so that their sexual intercourse enables babies to be born in order to increase the size of the tribe.

Abul Maududi in India starts to reject western culture in the s and especially the emancipation of women. Qutb of Egypt travels to the USA and the freedom women horrifies him , resulting in the writing of Signposts. Other groups are Tablighi Jamaat and Hizb ut Tahir also reject modern western culture. Western secular upper class Muslims who controlled Egypt Omar Shareef , Pakistan Buttos, I Khan and Lebanon Sunni Muslims lost power to the more numerous lower middle Muslims who rejected the West and in particular, emancipation of women.

Muslim women wore miniskirts in cities such as Cairo, Tehran and Kabul in the late s. Feeble self hating left wing middle atheistic types fail to realise that Jihadis despise and hate them. Political Islam fears the sexual power of free women. Jihadis want to live in the 7th century, have absolute control over women yet own Iphones and watch football on TV.

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As the population grows in Muslim countries grow yet few are able to increase incomes accordingly. Consequently, there are vast numbers of men too poor to marry and have sex. In many ways it was the increasingly libertine lifestyles post s and especially the allowance of women to have sex before marriage which has spurred some Muslims to reject The West and become Jihadis. The more libertine and dissolute a society becomes, the less capable it becomes of fighting and defending itself, for example the late Roman Empire and The Ancien Regime of France.

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