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An extra-large bin was engineered and constructed to accommodate 2, bushels of grain. Sukup said that getting into the steel building market gave the company additional capabilities that also are used to produce grain bins.

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Most products require some level of customization. Now almost everything is customized by zip code because of wind and snow loads. We work with our customers and our dealers on the orders, approvals, drawings, and permits before we get out the anchor bolt layouts and start a manufacturing process. Equipment under the Sheffield plant roof fabricates about a million pounds of steel a week.

Thirty-five percent of that steel becomes structural components. Accuracy, held to 0. Fabricating and machining capabilities include sawing, punching, submerged arc and robotic welding, stamping, roll forming, plasma and laser cutting, CNC milling and turning, and assembly. The steel being processed ranges from 65, pounds per square inch PSI for bin sidewalls and G galvanized steel for the bin roofs to I-beams for structural support.

The addition of robotic welding became a game-changer for the company. Since we bought the first robotic cell, we have tripled our employment. These cells help us in our goal of being more efficient and quality-consistent. One of those new markets was for the Safe T Home. A modified grain bin design provides a hurricane-, earthquake-, fire-, termite-, and machete-proof structure. Each home has sq.

The homes are made from 90 percent recyclable materials. Construction from gauge galvanized steel contributes to their year life expectancy. Since their introduction, about Safe T Homes have been delivered to Haiti. In when Hurricane Matthew hit, their round shape and solid construction protected up to 50 people each from the six hours of mile-per-hour winds. Every Safe T Home came through the hurricane without significant damage.

Less developed countries such as Haiti, Kenya, Uganda, and Peru provide the market for these structures. Standing The movable units are shipped in quantities of Airplane hangars comprise another new product line since bringing metal building design and construction into the shop.

Steve and his wife designed, manufactured, and erected their own unique aircraft hangar, which led to a recognized Sukup product. When one of our dealers ordered a building for his own use, he requested a similar curved roof and word spread.

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That look got attention beyond the aircraft market. A movie company from New York approached Sukup when it was searching for a site to use while shooting footage for an agricultural film. An airplane hangar in Ames, Iowa, features the Sukup signature peaked roof design. Are more new products in the pipeline for the largest family-owned grain bin and storage, material handling, and metal building company? Going vertical: Distributor expands into stamping, metal fabrication, and assembly. The magazine delivers the news, technical articles, and case histories that enable fabricators to do their jobs more efficiently. |

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