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Flowers and leaves can be given but make sure it is not contaminated with insecticides or harmful chemicals. Contains oxalic acid. Must be peeled or cut. Adult iguanas can eat whole grapes. Good as it contains water for hydration. Calcium: Phosphorus — 1: 1 Protein — 1. Flowers and leaves can be fed occasionally but make sure it is not contaminated with insecticides or chemicals. People often think that green salad is a good food for iguana, but actually it has very low overall nutritional value.

Best Food For Your Iguana | Iguana Hut

Still, you can feed once in a while in a small portion. Mango is good combination with other food for your iguana as it contains high fiber and calcium. Very high Phosphorus and should only given once in a while. Must be cut. Calcium: Phosphorus — 1: 1 Protein — 0. Remove seeds, peeled and cut. Like watermelon, it is a healthy feeding and good for hydration water. Calcium is high but also very high in oxalate and goitrogens, so feed your iguana with spinach occasionally. Calcium: Phosphorus — 2: 1 Protein — 2. High in oxalate. Feed moderately. If you believe you will have a difficult time maintaining an iguana for the next 20 years, you better get a different pet.

This point is somehow connected to the previous one. Iguanas can grow to be 72 inches long and pet stores rarely have a tank or terrarium large enough for your iguana to turn around and stretch their long tail. Because of this, a safe enclosure for your pet iguana would have to be custom-made. Like other reptiles, iguanas require controlled UV light, temperature, and humidity in their tank or terrarium. This is vital for their well-being, as not having the correct temperature could result in your iguana losing fingers or even their tail.

As cold blooded animals, they require warm temperatures to survive. Iguanas love to climb; this is one of their favorite pastimes. Their space should be prepared with areas for them to climb and enjoy themselves. If housing an iguana will become a problem for you or you lack the proper space at home to own one, then a less demanding pet is in order.

Iguana as a Pet: Pros and Cons

Children LOVE to pet animals and carry them here and there. Well, iguanas are NOT for children. Iguanas have strong and sharp jaws, and they bite if they feel threatened. Rapid or sudden moves are sufficient to startle an iguana and children can be restless. Still, if you have children at home, not buying the iguana is cheaper than an ER visit.

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Iguanas have different personalities; some are more approachable than others. No matter the iguana, there is one common factor with them…they are usually hard to train. To tame an iguana, you can get them used to be handled since young. Giving them food with your hand is a good option, too. That way, the iguana will learn to trust you and know that you mean no harm. When carrying an iguana, it must be carefully and by the stomach, never by the tail. It depends. Iguanas can make wonderful pets for the right person.

Iguanas are strictly herbivorous animals, which makes them easy to feed, but at the same time it is easy to forget they also have nutritional needs. Inform yourself by a vet about all the diet requirements for your pet iguana, if you decide to obtain one. One of the factors that make iguanas a difficult pet option is that they are difficult to tame. It is important for a healthy and calm iguana to feel safe.

Any sudden moves, unknown people, and stressful situations can put your iguana on edge. Have in mind iguanas are long-lived lizards, if you are more than willing to share your space, food, generous portions of your salary with your pet iguana, and are patient enough to train and tame the most obstinate iguana ever, then go for it! Iguanas are the right pet for you!

Iguanas have different personalities, and some are more docile than others.

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Still, patience is needed when training an iguana. They are beautiful lizards that resemble tiny dinosaurs, and as diurnal animals, you can watch them comfortably. A kitty litter box works nicely, but if you can, you should designate half of the enclosure to water and the other half as a beach area using the substrates to create a shore. You need to be able to remove and clean the water tub daily, especially if your dragon uses it for a toilet. Otherwise, you will need to have a quality water filter. The humidity should be kept at around 80 percent. Mist the enclosure once or twice daily as needed.

Potted live plants can help keep humidity up as well. Daytime temperatures should be in the range of 84 to 88 degrees Fahrenheit 29 to 31 degrees Celsius , with a basking spot of up to 90 F 32 C. At night, the temperature can safely drop to 75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit 24 to 27 degrees Celsius.

Lizard Greets Man like a Dog!

There should be a temperature gradient , and be sure to measure temperatures on both the cool and warm sides. A combination of a basking light, ceramic heat element, under tank heat pads, and heat tape can be used to achieve this gradient. You can feed your Chinese water dragon crickets, mealworms, waxworms, earthworms, grasshoppers, butter worms, locusts and possibly small feeder fish. All insect prey should be gut loaded. Wild caught insects are best avoided due to the risk of them containing pesticides and always avoid fireflies as they are potentially toxic.

A small amount 10 to 15 percent of the diet of finely chopped vegetables and fruit can also be offered. Try collards, dandelion, and mustard greens, as well as sweet potato, parsnips, green beans, carrots and yellow or orange squash.

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  • Fruits should be used in smaller quantities than vegetables; try strawberries, raspberries, mangoes, papaya, figs, and cantaloupe. Hatchlings and juveniles should be fed daily, while, as a general rule, adults can be fed every two or three days.

    Green Iguana Care

    The best way to determine how much to feed is to look at body condition: skinny dragons need more to eat and chubby dragons need to be fed less. Buy your pet from a reputable breeder or pet store. Captive bred Chinese water dragons will adapt better to captivity than wild caught.

    Additionally, wild-caught water dragons are usually rife with internal and external parasites. Otherwise, check out other reptiles and amphibians.