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In Jackson county, Missouri , where it was revealed that Zion was to be established, Smith instituted a communalistic United Order of Enoch. But strife with non-Mormons in the area led to killings and the burning of Mormon property.

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Tensions between church members and local slave-owning Missourians, who viewed the Mormons as religious fanatics and possible abolitionists , escalated to armed skirmishes that forced 15, of the faithful to leave Missouri for Illinois in , where Smith built a new city, Nauvoo. There the commercial success and growing political power of the newcomers once again provoked renewed hostility from their non-Mormon neighbours.

Faith Is in the Lord and His Promises

Smith and his brother Hyrum were murdered by a mob while both were in jail in Carthage , near Nauvoo, on June 27, Increasing mob violence, however, made their continued presence in Nauvoo untenable , and Young thus led a mass 1,mile 1,km migration to Utah in — There they hoped to establish a commonwealth where they could practice their religion without persecution.

Envisioning a new state that he called Deseret, Young helped to establish more than communities in Utah and neighbouring territories. To build the population , he sent missionaries across North America and into Europe.

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Converts were urged to migrate to the new land, and it is estimated that about 80, Mormon pioneers traveling by wagon , by handcart, or on foot had reached Salt Lake City by , when the arrival of the railroads made the journey much easier. Despite the obstacles presented by the desert area of the Great Basin , the pioneers made steady progress in farming, partly through their innovative methods of irrigation.

Their petition for statehood in was denied by the U. Conflicts between Young and federal officials over this practice and over Mormon attempts to establish a theocratic government continued during the s. Tensions increased following the Mountain Meadows Massacre , in which a group of Mormons killed members of a wagon train passing through the region.

In response to the conflicts with federal officials, U.

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  • Fearing that the purpose of the expedition was to persecute their faith, Young called on the Utah militia to prepare to defend the territory. A negotiated settlement was reached in , and Cummings eventually became popular with members of the church. After his death in , Young was succeeded as church president by John Taylor, the senior member of the Council of the Twelve Apostles. In the history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, more than different independent groups have formed to follow new prophets, to defend polygamy, or to continue other practices that were discarded by the mainstream church.

    The Reorganized Church eventually settled in Independence , Missouri, which Smith had designated as the location of Zion.

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    One faction moved to Independence and purchased the so-called Temple Lot, the site chosen by Smith for the new temple. The possession of this valued property embittered relations with the Reorganized Church, whose headquarters were on land immediately to the south. David Whitmer and Martin Harris, two early converts who, along with Joseph Smith, testified that they saw the golden plates and the angel Moroni, eventually set up a church in Kirtland, Ohio.

    In James Jesse Strang established a polygamous community of about 3, people on Beaver Island in Lake Michigan , whose members became known as Strangites. So what did the Prophet mean by it?

    Revelation (Latter Day Saints)

    While Joseph Smith certainly did unlock some of the mysteries of the book of Revelation, in this address he also seems to have aimed to demystify it. For instance, elsewhere in the address, Joseph Smith showed that a careful reading of the book of Revelation can place limits on permissible interpretations.

    In addition, Joseph Smith taught that sometimes a beast is just a beast. He explained that when John said he saw beasts in heaven see Revelation , what he actually saw were … beasts in heaven. Knowing the interpretation of every detail of mysterious visions is not paramount in our study of the scriptures.

    Lesson 42: Continuing Revelation to Latter-day Prophets -- Doctrine & Covenants and Church History

    By demystifying the book of Revelation, the Prophet removed potential distractions from the weightier matters of the gospel of Jesus Christ. But if we get hung up on a particular interpretation of a figure described in that vision, we may neglect things that matter most. Knowing this, we can see the importance of our personal testimony of Jesus Christ and of participating fully in His work in the latter days. Then we can overcome the world and, with Christ, inherit all things from the Father see Revelation ; Show Hide. The Revelation of St.