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The play does concern itself with marriage, however, but only incidentally with as anniversary. Any further resemblance to its musical namesake ends with the opening curtain.

Jerome Chodorov and Joseph Fields have taken a wornout family comedy theme and used it to glue together a formidable number of jokes about six, child psychology, and television. They have written a farcical Date with Judy, funnier than its television counterparts but a little pointless for two hours in the theatre. With authors Chodorov and Fields employing almost every stock comedy angle, the case has no alternative but to play the comedian continually.

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The typical American family of Anniversary Waltz represents an inconceivable collection of wits, from the husband to the handyman. The play races along through jokes and slapstick with no member of the cast willing o able to take a straight man part. It leaves the audience limp after able to take a straight man part. It leaves the audience limp after one act and pondering the question of which party, authors or cast, can keep up the pace.

At the finish, Chodorov and Fields seem to be lagging behind. They have used up most of their gimmicks, some three and four times.