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The late summer and early autumn of was a stressful time for Fred.

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On 27 September, not having regained consciousness since entering the infirmary, Lucy died. She is a near neighbour to us, and a very impoverished. Until his admission to the Infirmary on 9 February for a month, Fred, with failing eyesight and increasingly missing his Lucy, worked with Sturt at Vine Cottage planting, grubbing up tree roots and laying turf. On his last visit to Vine Cottage on 17 May, Frederick sat with Sturt in the garden and conversed about the neighbours, the passing of traditional crafts and an unusual shortage of local employment.

How about you? The perspiration stood on his face while he spoke of motor- cars and the dust they raised; but to me dust and swift travelling cars and all seemed to tell of summer afternoon. For thirty years — or forty is nearer the truth, he lived this varied life, careless, confident and strong. He is a type of his class. His talk is full of anecdote about neighbours as capable, as energetic, as resourceful as himself. This one is the best well sinker… another excels in making ladders; a third has a supreme value as a carter.

She is short of stature, but if you can peer under the hat brim… the face there, though placid and kindly, is somehow hardly in keeping with our modern times. The book was an incredible success.

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I mean, they sold hundreds of thousands of copies. The equivalent, it sold the equivalent of what would have been into the millions of dollars. More than enough money to have his wife live very comfortably. When you look at a signature in a book, one of the things you look for first is, how is it signed? And if it's signed sort of a very general type of dedication, it's not personal.

It's to everybody, and that makes you a little bit suspicious.

The other thing is, usually when you sign a book, you hand it to the author. The author holds it, and then they sign it. And it doesn't come out straight across.

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And then one of the real keys to this book, one of the absolute things that, you look at it historically. Well, he died. He died before the book came out. It did sell a lot of copies, and people do buy it. It came out in all different bindings. This is one of the general bindings. It's in good condition for what it is.

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