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Read Demon Warriors 4: Takeo by Lynn Hagen online free full book. PDF Page 15 | No download

As you get towards the end of these series, other series come into play and I noticed that, since I did not read them, I missed some of the characters being mentioned good and bad but I was still able to follow because the main ones stay the same. May 23, Phaney rated it it was ok Shelves: m-m. It kinda feels like the heroes are losing, not winning. Sure, couples get together and more or less survive and hot sex is had but each book leaves me with a growing sense of bleakness. I dunno.

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So yeah. Not getting a huge boost here. A good number of them could have just been alluded to as well. More and more I comprehend why books need to be stripped of scenes that are not relevant to the plot. I mean as much as I like to explore characters I like, these sort or scenes not only slow a story down but they can be downright annoying. But yeah, I am learning the truth of this more and more, by observation. When I first read about this need for streamlining and cutting I was sceptical.

Eh, so good things yet again result from my experiences with badness. I re-read all the connected series by Lynn Hagen, this time in order of publication date, as recommended, which sadly does not ensure actual chronologicality. There are no actual spoilers, so feel free to read this for a general idea of the series. After those, Joshua's Law , Knox and Hunter. In between and around these volumes bunched a lot of boring books, annoying ones, and just okay ones. And continuity is a lie.

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  • Rainerio (Demon Warriors #3) by Lynn Hagen.
  • Rainerio [Demon Warriors 3].

And since a lot of these books follow closely one upon the other, what with the increasingly frequent semi-cliff-hanger endings, this once again means that the timescale is thrown entirely out of whack. More disturbingly, the cliff-hangers make series switching all the more confusing. After the first twenty-nine books, the depressing atmosphere of the Demon Warriors series has begun to drip over into the others big time. A verdict on the whole mess so far? No way. Pretty much my previous reviews still apply.

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That means, yes, after a few volumes it became necessary to start skimming through the copious sex scenes to locate occasional character bits among the repetitive superlatives. Well, to be fair, the repetitive nature lies more in the sheer mass of those scenes and the fact that sex tends to come down to the same number of things naturally.

Mind you, that could be aided by my skimming, but who cares at this point? Overall the series got better, then intermittently worse, then more depressing, but also a little more varied sexually. How sad is it that the threesomes tend to have a more refreshing feel to them due to the greater versatility present? Jul 24, Pam rated it liked it Shelves: m-m-romance , fantasy. I liked Dillon's cocky, annoying attitude that just about drove Rainerio out of his mind. The little human wanted the big warrior and he wouldn't take no for an answer On the surface these two are definitely mismatched but didn't mean they weren't in reality a perfect mated pair.

Rainerio just had to finally give in and take a chance. Here Ms. Hagen did a very nice job It also made me want to I liked Dillon's cocky, annoying attitude that just about drove Rainerio out of his mind.

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It also made me want to pop Rainerio up against the head for being dense, but when they finally get together It's hot. The ongoing plot line about the stolen crystal is continuing but in this one she's added another It's a new and interesting twist that I hope to see more of in the future. Nov 14, Candice rated it liked it Shelves: shifter-paranormal , m-m , kindle , ebook-not-a-kidney , spank-me. First read Loved Dillon :.

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Aug 28, Tj rated it liked it Shelves: read I enjoyed this story which follows Rainerio and Dillion. It is a typical Lynn Hagen story. This one advances two other story lines, the stolen crystal and Liquid Wrath. Unlike some of the stories this ends in a bit of a cliffhanger;. Sep 01, V rated it really liked it. If you don't like the others series form this author, you won't like this one either. It is Typical Lynn Hagen stories. That it is the main reason that I like this book so much. I can't get enough of her Series.

Looking forward for the next.. Sep 24, Marsha Spence rated it liked it. May 20, Clover rated it liked it Shelves: contemporary , m-m , paranormal. Sep 02, Maya rated it really liked it. Ashley rated it really liked it Nov 05, Samantha rated it it was amazing May 20, Anna rated it liked it Aug 08, Nielsen rated it it was amazing Sep 29, Vall rated it really liked it Aug 31, Teresa rated it really liked it Jul 16, Julie rated it liked it May 11, Carly rated it really liked it Dec 27, Heather rated it liked it Jun 23, Raquel rated it really liked it Nov 27,