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In this video, Jay ties a Glass Bead Bugger. This is a great fly pattern for both trout and Carp species. Give this pattern a try next time you hit the water. Could not get enough one day of the Deschutes last month. I was also invited for a trip in June, for the entire week. However, fish were still looking up from Trout Creek to Whitehorse.

The fishing was very good on Norm Woods. I used a hopper dropper and found success with the a pheasant tail suspended below. We saw plenty of caddis hovering over the bushes but not many on the water. Surface activity was minimal during the evenings. However, a small jig fly and a pheasant tail or caddis pupa combo worked very well!

Books by John Shewey (Author of Birds of the Pacific Northwest)

The canyon is in full bloom with wild flowers and grass. Get out and enjoy this great weather! I made a day trip up to Gold this past week. The weather was great and the fish were active. Fish were rising most of the day to tiny mayflies. While I never cracked the code for the surface feeders, I did catch plenty of fish on an intermediate sinking line and damsel imitations.

I did catch fish on a small Parachute Adams and other anglers were having success on midge patterns. Be sure to bring your mosquito repellent as the bugs are a bit brutal in the campground. The scenery is some of my favorite in the state and the wildflowers are just beginning to bloom. Back country skiers are still in heaven up there too.

They seemed to be using dry-flies and streamers with little luck on the dries early on. The dry-fly action was a little slow to start, but got better as it warmed up throughout the day. Even though the fish are habituated because of all the people paddling around, I still use longer leaders 9. Overall it was a great day on the water with fellow anglers, dogs, kayakers, canoes and SUPs. Nymphing seemed to produce more results, but I was there to dry-fly fish and I was rewarded with beautiful cutthroat trout.

Shadow X Euro Rod. Shadow X Kit. There have been exceptions of course: the Watermaster Kodiak and the Stream Tech series of rafts come to mind. Over the past few years the family and I have been taking a multi day trip down the John Day River.

March 21-22, 2020 Plano, Texas

The idea of a frameless boat was really intriguing: no frame and no trailer seemed like the way to go. I have rowed and sold quite a few of the Outcast Stealth Pro boats and they are super easy to maneuver. The Outcast Ambush is a much bigger frameless raft at 14ft long and nearly 7ft of width, this is a full on raft. If the Ambush Frameless Raft could handle the varied rapids of the upper Mckenzie it would have no problem on the John Day.

It took about 15 minutes. The Ambush easily held a Yeti Tundra 45, the pumps, a 40L dry bag between the rear thwart and the rowers seat. I could have put something in front of the rowers feet like a soft cooler or gear bag. The front thwart has a similar seat as the rowers and the raised foam is surprisingly comfortable. Most of us walk around with an extremely powerful camera in our pockets…yet we know no more about photography than our parents did.


Learn what makes a great composition as well as how to handle fish less and save time. The globe-trotting presentation includes nearly a hundred great—and not-so-great—photos from the Bahamas, Alaska, Brazil, Chile, Montana, Iceland, and more. He recently became the owner of the Nor-vise fly tying system. Since then, fishing, and later fly fishing, has been his passion. There Gunnar learned the trade of guiding and instructing beginners as well as experienced fishermen. Gunnar is also a lawyer and practiced law for some years after graduation. For the past few years, Gunnar has been guiding again and bringing fishermen to some of the finest salmon and trout fishing waters of Iceland.

Need a little push to wade out and get wet? Here's a half-dozen fly girls to get you inspired.

Trout, salmon and Arctic char can be caught there in some of the most scenic places in the world. Recently, Gunnar has shared other Icelandic anglers growing concerns about the dangers the Atlantic salmon in Iceland is facing due to a rapidly growing farm fishing industry. As a conservationist, Gunnar became a founding member of The Icelandic Fly Fishing Show, a non-profit organization which has the objective of protecting Icelandic freshwater species, mainly Atlantic salmon, brown trout and Arctic char.

Have you ever fished in Iceland? Jason Randall , Temple Fork Outfitters national pro-staffer, has been an outdoor writer for the last 16 years. At 13 he picked up his first fly rod, and he has been addicted ever since. Stevane began guiding in , and even met his wife on the Gallatin River. As a biologist, Stitcher works across the United States in the assessment, restoration, and management of trophy trout waters. Approaching the sport of fly fishing through the lens of a biologist, he strives to break down the sciences of entomology, fish feeding behavior, and fish habitat use into easily applied fishing tips and tactics for the fly fisher.

Armed with an extensive invertebrate database and more than , flies, Stitcher and his team at Ascent specialize in the creation of Biologist Crafted Fly Selections specific to the trout foods and their life-cycles when and where you fish. Each student will receive 10 trout flies and a ticket for a Texas microbrew participants 21 years and older only to enjoy during class. Students will learn how to quickly identify which insects are most prevalent in the river they fish, and how best to match the hatch. This class has limited seating and operates on a first-come, first-served basis.

The class fee does not include admission to the festival.

NW Oregon Stillwater Fly Fishing Late Winter

Mike Tayloe is the co-owner and Director of Operations of Finns West , a unique company in the fly fishing industry that provides Wilderness First Aid courses and Emergency Action Plan development for fly fishing lodges, outfitters, guides, and staff. He has combined his professions as a paramedic and fly fishing guide to provide a much-needed and often overlooked service for our industry. This daylong course is perfect for guides and serious anglers who want to be prepared to respond to emergencies that occur on the river or in remote fishing locations.

This course has very limited seating and includes training in CPR and admission to the festival. With more than a decade of experience in fly design and guiding, and with as much as days a year on the water, Tim knows a thing or two about fly fishing for pike. Dave also demonstrates his flyfishing and teaching skills in seven videos and through guest appearances on televised flyfishing programs. Dave spent 7 years researching and developing this system. Walleye Alley. Walleye have become another serious option for anglers around the region. Seminars are planned along with lots of tackle, rods and more to buy to get equipped.

Garmin Tech Center. Of course, the emphasis will be on Garmin gear but the information applies to most, if not all other brands. Take the Leupold challenge. The longer you hang there the bigger the prize.

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After 4PM special. Backcountry Hunting Pavilion. These guys have exploded onto the hunting scene with their passionate, enthusiastic brand of hunting public lands and living an outdoor lifestyle. How big a sensation are these guys?

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Backyard Barbecue. Want to see what the quintessential backyard barbecue set-up looks like? Bethy Rossos and Glen Thornton are back with their prize-winning recipes. Plan your vacation. Bait Rigging Theatre. More than bait, Englund Marine Supply is hosting this seminar series at the show as a masterclass in a variety of local fishing topics including Buoy 10, bottom fishing, downrigger fishing, sturgeon rigging and baits, kokanee trolling, tuna trolling, spring Chinook fishing and of course, bait rigging.