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East Village Ennui: Coming of Age Story Displaced, Too Hip For Own Good

But well before that I came to really love this movie. A whole lot happens on that cold weekend, Eliza, Jude and Teddy go to a party, get high, Jude gets beaten up, and Teddy loses his virginity to Eliza.

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Naturally Eliza gets pregnant, and then it really gets complicated. In what seems like a predestined event Jude and Teddy huff Freon taken out of an air conditioner.


These kids have so little access to marijuana they huff paint thinner! The Freon, of course is a bad idea. Both of them pass out, Teddy dies. Jude also goes to New York to live with Les, who tries his best to be a good Father, but a professional pot farmer is not such a good role model. Teddy has an older half brother Johnny Emile Hirsch: Milk, Speed Racer who has gone straight edge, that is no drugs, no sex, healthy diet.


Johnny also plays in a seriously hard core band, One Man Army. He is also practicing Hare Krishna. There is much talk about Jude being adopted, that Johnny and Teddy have different Fathers, that Eliza should give up her baby for adoption.

Ten Thousand Saints with Ethan Hawke, Asa Butterfield, Hailee Steinfeld movie

And there is much talk about families not necessarily being related. Much like many other movies about teenagers, Rebel Without a Cause certainly comes to mind, a surrogate family is formed, with many members, all of whom want to do the right thing for the memory of Teddy, a kid we hardly get to know. Where do I begin?

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The relationships are so complex, the characters so well defined and the story so intimate, and real, and raw that you cannot help but be drawn in and feel that you know these people, or maybe you are, or were, these people. Every actor gets moments, many moments, to shine. When he calls, his drug addict mom answers and tells him about Teddy's death. Eliza discovers she's pregnant with Teddy's baby, and when she tells Johnny and Jude, they decide to keep it a secret.

Johnny eventually proposes that they tell her parents that the baby is his and that they get married.

Hailee Steinfeld, Avan Jogia on Music, Punk, ‘Ten Thousand Saints’ – Variety

They borrow Les' van, and take Eliza to stay with Harriet while Johnny's band goes on tour with Jude as the new guitar player when Rooster, the original guitar player, quits. Jude and Eliza start a relationship. Jude and Eliza take a bus back to New York where they plan to raise the baby.

Johnny tells Eliza that he's been in communication with Teddy's biological father, and that he wants the baby to be given to Teddy's father. Eliza is outraged and runs out of the apartment into the middle of the Tompkins Square Park Riots, where she goes into labor. She wanted Jude to hold her baby boy because she didn't felt like holding it in front of a lot of people and is really annoyed by everyone.

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