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Trails and Tails

From the camp site we have …. This day aims to inspire and encourage action for a sustainable and hopeful world, to overcome the common narrative of division and …. Woodbrooke Study Centre offers learning in its widest sense to encourage continuing personal, social and spiritual development.

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It shapes individual and group experiences and in so doing significantly enhances both personal and community growth. This year there were 52 appeals for donations to charities. We missed one Sunday, when there was an extended Meeting for Business instead. Thank you to those who gave the appeals, as it is difficult to convey the needs of the charity in just three minutes when everyone is looking forward to coffee and ….

Fearless Curiosity: Quakers and Native Americans

January 20th Mindfulness Led by Julia Richmond. February 17th Topic and leader to be announced get well soon, …. We were welcomed by David Stephenson, the new Rector of ….


As in previous years, the event is organised by a multi-faith team of volunteers led by Marian Liebmann. Behold, I make all things new. Today, join me in reflecting on this passage from Quaker teacher …. Are we sleep walking our way into deep waters?

This was not primarily a religious society, for …. Natasha is extremely grateful for the interest that has gained her seven ….

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