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A little sage advice….

It gives me such peace of mind when I drop my little one off knowing he is safe, loved and very well taken care of. It also does my heart good when we drive up in the mornings and he gets excited knowing we are there. Thank you Little Sage and thank you to all the great staff members. They treat her as if she was their own child. Everyone is so kind and cares so much about the kids.


My son has been at Little Sage for almost a year now and he has learned some amazing things. From making new friends to so many words in Spanish, each and everyday he comes home I'm amazed!

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All of the teachers are wonderful and makes a real effort to know each child even if they aren't in their class. Hola Democratic contenders! You guys and gals are knocking my socks off out there.

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Just a quick couple of shout outs. Senator Klobuchar? But one little thing.

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And Senator Gillibrand? It happens to the best of us. One time, in a fancy, high hat restaurant, I dipped my bread stick in the finger bowl, and then, to cover it up, I dipped my fingers into the wasabi after using them to eat my sushi. And if any of those MAGA morons give you a ration of shit about it, just show them that picture of the Great Pumpkin using a plastic knife and fork to eat New York Style pizza about 4 years ago when he had his pizza summit with Caribou Barbie when she was angling for another VP chance. By all of you. Incumbent Presidents use a good economy as a display of their stewardship, and challengers use a bad economy to hit the incumbent President over the head with.

But guess what? Taxes are a part of the economy.

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Narcissist that he is, what was good for Trump was good for everybody, case closed. Trump and the GOP started running into trouble with their pixie dust tax cuts last March. But nobody was feeling the love. Two Worlds- Sumerian Queen- Silver Smile- Peace Copper- Compassion Silver- Silver Infinity- Courage Brass- Hammered Copper- Minoan Goddess- Golden Band- Sweatlodge Brushed- Rainforest- Timbuktu- Rainbow Wave- Spring Wave-