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To prove who has more game, Ted and Barney make a bet over who can sleep with a girl first. Lily tells Robin she can set her up on a date with a guy named George. After she lists his good qualities, Ted points out that she has not mentioned his flaw or as the gang call it, his "but Despite Robin's personal dislike of children, she goes on a date with George and winds up meeting his son, Doug.

After some initial hesitance and an argument about how cereal should be served, Robin and Doug actually hit it off.

Thing a Week Redux

However, when Robin decides to break up with George before Doug becomes attached to her, Lily shows Robin a picture that Doug has drawn of "his new mommy. Lily informs Robin that if she breaks up with George, she must break up with Doug as well - Robin reluctantly agrees. Meanwhile, Ted ridicules Barney 's latest pick-up plan a story involving snakes and an eye-patch and the two argue about who has more "game," while Marshall is classed as irrelevant to his dismay.

To settle the argument, Ted and Barney select a girl from the bar to see who can sleep with her first. While Ted is distracted Barney makes his move, only to be slapped in the face. Barney explains this is because he had already slept with the girl the year before and therefore, has won the bet, but Ted rules otherwise and begins his pick-up attempt and succeeds. Ted and Stacey , the girl from the bar, have begun dating so he gloats to Barney about winning the bet.

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However, Barney makes Ted uncomfortable with thoughts that Barney has already been with Stacey and Ted breaks up with Stacey, admitting to Barney and Marshall that he was unable to get past the thought of her and Barney together. Barney reveals that he had not slept with Stacey at all; on the night of the bet, he asked Stacey to slap him to make it appear as though she hated him to set up the entire ruse that they had slept together. As Ted gloated his dates with Stacey, Barney learned various details about Stacey's life so that he could be there for her when she broke up with Ted.

I certainly appreciate the big title that comes to me, because those songs are easy to write. Write lyrics to a favorite melody, or set some lyrics or poetry to a new melody. He liked to play with a simple word or something to make it more universal. That really struck me. I was very new to writing songs, probably about eighteen, and I loved that idea of taking folk music and continuing the conversation, making it new, and making it something for my generation. But it can still be a great exercise to rewrite a pop hit or otherwise mess around with copyrighted material for your own amusement.

Google and Amazon Leverage Copyright Loophole to Use Songs Without Paying Songwriters

The process of adapting forces you to stretch outside yourself and solve problems creatively. Usually I write music first and then words later, whenever they come to me. So it was a little bit of an adjustment, but once I got into the process it became very natural. In fact I really enjoyed it, because it becomes this kind of fascinating puzzle, how you can make a line of text work as a musical phrase, and how you can take the structure of the given text and make that work as a musical structure in terms of the whole song.

It became its own little adventure each time. Another way to write without starting from scratch is to take the structure of an existing song and fill it in with your own words and music. In terms of lyrics, for instance, the song can provide you with a template for the number of lines in each section, the number of syllables in each line, and where the rhymes fall. Once I was sitting in the van very late at night in Spain somewhere. I suddenly got this great idea for some lyrics and I was like, oh dang, what are we going to say, pull over?

You can find all sorts of interesting song templates in traditional songs.

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David Wax David Wax Museum has written many songs by working with the structures and cadences of Mexican folk songs. Any kind of new structure feels like a great tool. For more songwriting tips and lessons, visit completesingersongwriter. Thanks for the great songs. I used the washing your hands song and tidy up. They are great way to make cleaning up fun! I talked about them on my blog and shared your page with my followers. Great ideas here! I love introducing children to new songs especially when I need help getting cleaned up at transition time.

I teach a class of 12 PK three yr olds with no helper. Singing combined with movement is something we all love. Thanks for sharing, Cindy. Such an awesome resource, Angela! Thanks so much for these ideas! I am a first year preschool teacher and have been struggling during my transitions. My students will love these and hopefully those transitions will go a little smoother!

Great ideas! You just made a homeschooling mom very happy today. Thanks for sharing this. I need help ASAP! They are just turning one to about 14 months and when we transition inside from outside play they come inside hysterical. Some of them walk and some crawl. They have a routine for about a few days then they break it by the way need attention, from going to sleep early, to needing a snack before lunch. I love your songs. I really liked the idea. It will help me introducing making transitioning smoother in the classroom to my teachers during training times.

Good job! I already use these is there one I can use to transition from breakfast to line up for outdoor time.

What About Strumming Patterns?

Stay tuned! It includes lots of line up songs and outdoor songs. I will have to try this with my years old at work.. As I was flipping through my stuff, I […].

Your email address will not be published. Recipe Rating. Color Song — a fun way to practice colors! Try them out and see if these transition activities make a difference in your classroom! Comments Gina says. September 4, at pm. Angela Thayer says.

September 9, at pm. Thanks, Gina! I am so happy to hear this will help you out.

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