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Genesis I will bless those who bless you and curse those who treat you with contempt. All the families on earth will be blessed through you. Romans They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed, and depravity. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, and malice. They are gossips. Jeremiah Your relatives, members of your own family -- even they have betrayed you; they have raised a loud cry against you.

Do not trust them, though they speak well of you. However, forgiving those who hurt you can be a cleansing process. These Bible verses on betrayal remind us that forgiveness is an important part of our spiritual growth and moving forward stronger than before. Matthew For if you forgive others for their transgressions, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive others, then your Father will not forgive your transgressions. Mark Whenever you stand praying, forgive, if you have anything against anyone, so that your Father who is in heaven will also forgive you your transgressions.

Matthew So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets. But it is you, a man, my equal, my companion, my familiar friend. We used to take sweet counsel together; within God's house, we walked in the throng.

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Alistair is in love with Sophia but he has difficulties overcoming his guilty over his daughter's death and his sexual preferences. Certain that he doesn't deserve to be loved, he would do everything to push Sophia away, despite his love for her. Will he be able to find redemption? Ethan, no less haunted by his secrets and lies, lives in an alternate reality because the loss of Sophia is too unbearable to face.

He would do everything to have Sophia back in his arms. Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. Published April 25th by CreateSpace first published April 19th More Details Europe , South America , Other Editions 5. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Trust , please sign up.

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Sort order. Mar 15, Dolors rated it liked it Recommends it for: Those in for classic romance and modern erotica. Recommended to Dolors by: Poet Gentleness.


Shelves: giveaways , read-in , erotica. They are rich, they are young, they are attractive But is Sophia ready to be saved? Betrayed is the second installment in the Trust Trilogy , in which They are rich, they are young, they are attractive Set in the present time and mainly a vivid romance with tinges of erotica and some erratic yet brilliant flashes of existential pondering, Serruya draws an opulent setting with steady hand that contrasts with the blurriness of disgruntled characters, whose scarred memories prevent them from showing their true colors and paint an harmonious future.

Parental relationships, psychological abuse and morbid dependency syndrome become the backdrop of a lavish scenario alternating sumptuous Scottish castles, mansions in Brazil and luxurious apartments in London. Cristiane Serruya offers an effective form of uncomplicated escapism with this fast paced novel that provides tantalizing entertainment and fleeting gratification sprinkled with uneven yet incisive brushstrokes of the female psyche and its most hidden desires.

Both Sophia and Alistair might choose to remain opaque behind the masks of confidence they so carefully built to disguise their insecurities from each other, but they appear crystal clear in the eyes of the reader and even predictable in the many twists and turns, falling-in-and-outs and feverish, sometimes even overheated reconciliations that permeate the story. View all 15 comments. Shelves: favorites.

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I almost always review a book the moment I finish with it but with this book I needed a couple of days to digest it in my head. I went into this book expecting much, yes, and - wow! I was wrong. Betrayed is even better than A New Beginning. And it is even hotter than the first one. First, the formatting is different from the first one. Serruya takes us from present to past, back to present and then again back to the past.

So many revelations and so many angst and dark scenes. Through Sophia' I almost always review a book the moment I finish with it but with this book I needed a couple of days to digest it in my head. Through Sophia's, Alistair's and Ethan's past and dark secrets, much is revealed and explained. In pages, with less descriptions than the first book, as we already know the characters and their idiosyncrasies and the settings, Ms.

Serruya dug deep in emotions and characters' interactions. With so many insights and so many feelings splayed and spilling through its pages, this book is a roller-coaster. It made me cry and sob with Alistair, it made me fear for Sophia's life and sanity, it made me hate Ethan and at the same time pity him, it made me laugh with Gabriela, Lachlann, Tavish and Scott.

It made me happy, sad and mad. Specially at the end, it made me specially mad. This is not nice, Ms. Serruya, not nice at all. Why, Ms. Why are you so mean? It was quite astounding how Ms.

Rurouni Kenshin: Trust & Betrayal

Serruya leads the readers to think one thing and then bam! Although it made me mad, I found that to be really, really great! Serruya has a superb way of writing. She has an amazing talent with descriptions and does a great job twisting her words.

TV REVIEW - Who ya gonna trust?

She writes flawlessly and makes the readers feel as if a film is passing in front of their eyes. Now, Ms. Serruya, I challenge you to do an even better book than the first two installments to end this trilogy! Keep writing, keep bringing these marvelous books to us. A little casting: Sophia - She was very hard to find, but I guess she would be something along these lines: [image error] Alistair Connor is impossible.

Serruya created such a handsome, amazing man, that after hours looking, this is the best I could find and still I know it's not fair to AC. View all 3 comments. Mar 01, Poet Gentleness rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: My readers. Shelves: loved , to-be-re-read.

What can I say? It's my book and I loved writing it. I hope you also enjoy reading it! Ladies, your caring feedback helped a lot! View all 32 comments. Mar 31, Morexette rated it it was amazing. If the first installment was good, the second one won't fail you. The start of Betrayed is like in your Ferrari, at full speed, on a wet asphalt road. Every turn is neck-breaking, the sex scenes are HOTTER and the characters' emotions are deeply-written, it's like the book the just devoured you into its own world and it's very hard to extract!

I was literally biting my thumbs when I reached the last three chapters of the story But more to :O Speechless, beyond recognition. But more to that Curse her! Sophia is any man's most desirable woman. She's gorgeous, absurdly beautiful, crackpot wise, clever and intelligent, tender and does charity work. Gabriela, the child-wonder of the story, indeed deserved a mother like her as much as Sophia deserved a daughter lie Gabriela.

Ethan -sighs- why can't you just love Gabriela as much as Sophia Team Ethan here. I can't bear to imagine him going "bananas" just because he lost the woman he loved very much and have some another Sophia-look-alike to I don't know how you say it but Why Ethan? Gawd, the story about his past troubled my emotions. It stirred me, as if like I am watching it live instead of reading it on my PC. I cried along the way, with my longest hangover for two days. Team Ethan! At any rate View all 10 comments. YAY for early release, people!!!

Recommended to Josie by: I beta read to Cristiane Serruya. Shelves: favourites. Well, well, well! I wasn't expecting it! The first book was good, very good, but this one is intelligent, deep, touching. It will make you smile and laugh, it will make you cry and sad, it will make you fell good and happy. It took me on an emotional storm that left me wrung out but richer.

It's beautifully crafted - every element, every character, all combined and contributing to the artful and emotionally intense world Cristiane creates. I felt caught up in, and utterly swept away by its Well. I felt caught up in, and utterly swept away by its power. How could the second book of a trilogy, that is usually the most weak, be better than the first?

But still the book is fashionable without being OTP. The story flows smoothly and fast. It's not a story you read on a seating if you have to work on the following day. The book is huge: pages of intelligent reading, an intelligent hot romance. You have to stop and think. Sometimes you have to go back in the book.

Not because she didn't explain the scene well.

Trust: Betrayed (Trust Trilogy, #2) by Cristiane Serruya

Because it is so pungent, so beautiful, and so intelligent that you want to memorize every part of the book. And it will make you evaluate many thing you have done in you life. And, better, it will make you think twice before doing something. Don't get me wrong! This is not a treaty or one of those boring books trying to pass on morals. While it's an intelligent book, things are hot, hot, hot too.

But even on the hot scenes there're something delicate and insightful. The name, Betrayed, it's not what it seems.

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And dear Sophia - :O - is not what she seems too. I was astonished! I could never imagine the twist and turns Cristiane Serruya created. When we meet Sophia in the first book, she is all charm, politeness and primness. Since figuring out Sophia is an enormous part of the emotionally process while she regains her memories, I won't take that away from you, not even on a spoiler parenthesis.

Instead of the first book that started a little slow this takes you on a roller-caster from the epilogue. The flashes of Ethan's early childhood, teenage and young adult years make your heart bleeds for him. Seeing it from a very realistic angle, we can understand a bit his obsession. One of the most realistic fictional characters I have read. Some people wish they had the courage to wake up one day, throw away all the bad things they have been through and realize there is more to life.

I guess Ethan has tried it. But every time he starts doing this, he falls again. And he can't go anywhere, he can't get away from it all. So, he learns how to live with all his pains and betrayals and hurts. Then we have hunk, tortured, Alistair that suffers and suffers and OMG suffers, as he sees flash-backs of his younger years and tells Sophia of his late wife's view spoiler [betrayal in threesome, orgies, drugs and so much more hide spoiler ].

And How could I forget dear, dear Gabriela. Intelligent, fiery loyal, Gabriela. On the chapters, she make me cry again. In fact, the three of them, Alistair, Sophia and Gabriela. It is hard to share much of the story without giving it away. If you thought Sophia amazing before, wait for this book. The characters came out much more complex and real-feeling, with their unique voices and dramas.

And although the end is satisfying, it still has many, many things that leaves you hanging and screaming: Cristiane, you are now my favorite author. And I hope to be your biggest fan! I'll be hibernating till Pandora's Box. Cristiane Serruya looks very much like Sophia. She is very intelligent, attentive to the details, to her readers, reviewers and friends. She is kind and polite. I'm honored to call her my favourite author. I read this book as a beta reader so I was honored with getting it ahead of schedule.

That's about all I can say. Sophia is the perfect woman with an awesome sense of humor. She is beautiful with a sense of style and class. Emotionally she feels and says all the right things. She is in love with an Alpha male Alistair but can HER Alpha side and his str I read this book as a beta reader so I was honored with getting it ahead of schedule. Alistair's dark side forces Sophia to escape, not sure that she wants what Alistair could be offering. He wants a woman to submit Alistair likes to give orders she doesn't want to submit and let me tell you, she does a good job at bucking him every chance she has.

The sex, I can't even begin to describe that. Then another character comes into play Anna, Alistair's deceased wife's sister. Sophia's is starting to remember. She was shot when her 1st husband was kidnapped and remembers very little of the trauma she endured during the kidnapping. She has nightmares and they are vivid and frequent. Alistair has his secrets too. Can they both survive together once they reveal their sins. I highly recommend this book. It has so much depth, story line is rich and well planned.

So many parts of this book brought tears to my eyes. The descriptive content is flawless. Grab this series, you won't regret it. It is definitely a book you will want to read again. Highly emotional, Highly erotic. View 2 comments. Apr 01, Leta Fisher rated it it was amazing. So the the loving saga continues! You have to read this! Sophia is the kind of lady any woman would hope to be! Love it! View 1 comment. Mar 03, Paddy O'callaghan rated it it was amazing.

This is yet another awesome offering from Serruya. Shelves: fave , erotic-romances. Betrayed is better than A New Beginning. It's not quite that Cristiane's style has changed but it's surely more mature, flower. The first book was good, but this Can I give it 10 golden stars? It still has it's hot sex scenes - wow! The story line was tragic yet beautiful. And differently from the first book, where Cristiane involved us in billionaire brands and places, this one is rawer. Some parts were so tragically painful that I had to stop because my tears won't let me continue.

My heart broke and was put together, broke all over again and when I thought that I was mend, with just one sentence, with the last sentence before the epilogue, Cristiane broke my heart again. There weren't enough tragedies for Sophia and Alistair? The pleasurable and painful moments were both beautifully done. The characters are so well layered so fleshed out, I felt like I knew them and I could really relate to them, even to Ethan. Vespers Series : Boo Intimate Enemy Trust No-One. No One to Trust. Trust in Me and No One Else Description Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book!

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