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Related Content. This glossary is an up-to-date research tool for the study of population in English, Japanese and German. Based on the technical literature, encyclopedias, databases and existing glossaries in the three languages listed as well as other relevant languages in which demographic research is carried out, it comprises more than technical terms accessible in three directions: English-Japanese-German, Japanese-English-German and German-Japanese-English.

Scientific fields covered include social demography, population geography, political demography, economic demography, historical demography, medical demography, biodemography, mathematical demography, as well as some adjacent fields such as psychology, law, technology, religion, linguistics and education.

Johann Gregor Mendel: Why his discoveries were ignored for 35 (72) years | von Wolf-Ekkehard Lönnig

Teilnehmer stark in die Waagschale. Keiner besonderen Freigabe bedarf die reine Bewirkung der Euthanasie in richtiger Begrenzung. In demselben Augenblick aber wird klar: die sichere Ursache qualvollen Todes war definitiv gesetzt, der baldige Tod stand in sichere Aussicht.

Davon kann doch zur Zeit keine Rede mehr sein. Von einer Freigabe der sog. Teilnahme daran ist zurzeit gar keine Rede. Denn in allen Formen ist sie deliktischer Natur. Aber zufolge der verkehrten akzessorischen Behandlung der sog. Auf diesen Standpunkt stellten sich im vorigen Jahrhundert W. Humboldt Gesamm.

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VII S. II Tit. Aber notwendig ist dies zur Strafmilderung gar nicht — weder nach theoretischem Gesichtspunkte, noch de lege lata. Dieser sehr gute Anfang hat jedoch im Reichsstrafgesetz keinen Fortgang, dagegen in der Literatur sehr lebhafte Aufnahme gefunden! Das Norwegische Strafgesetzbuch v. Die schmerzlose Hoffnungslosigkeit verdient das gleiche Mitleid. Seine Seelenqual ihm tragen zu helfen vermag auch von seinen Geliebten keiner. Sie haben weder den Willen zu leben, noch zu sterben.

Dann greift der Grundsatz durch, der oben s.

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This translation contains errors due to the insurmountable language differences between German and English. Before reading onward, please read this necessary prerequisite to understanding this document. That would certainly be so, for as with many other things, the majority of Earthly men are not accessible to intellect and rationality, but only to confused belief in relation to deceit, lies, defamations, and religious-sectarian delusionalism, and consequently real reality, well-founded knowledge, and material truth can only be perceived contrary to understanding and rationality, as everything can neither be judged nor grasped, but misunderstood and therefore not comprehended.

This is also the result, as I have to recognize again and again in my observations of the Earth-men, because warnings and explanations are not effectively perceived with interest and also not registered, as well as not understood, but as a rule only counter-interpreted due to missing considerations. I too can sing a song about this, for many Earthlings who react in this way think of themselves as cleverer and smarter than the effective reality and its truth, whereby they want to be intelligent and also sensible and wise, but do not recognize how they expose themselves in a simple-minded and stupid way and by all their behaviour and actions make a show of ridiculousness.

But then I would now like to address something else, which is again and again mentioned by different people, namely why you Plejaren have been holding yourselves back since time immemorial and have not cultivated any direct contact with Earthlings since time immemorial, but only indirect and moreover only one-sided impulsive contacts with Earthlings and also today will not cultivate any direct contacts, as also not in the future, like you have held this since time immemorial also with regard to foreigners to Earth and the Earth of the future.

Also the question arises again and again why I had to stand as a middleman between the USA and you in order to seek your request to make contact with the US government, which also had to go through Lee Elders. Also, if a contact had been made, I would have had to remain your middleman, because you would have acted only in this way.

Even though I know about the effective backgrounds, in which the sphere of that time is involved, which more than 52, years ago in your Plejaren system was circling around all inhabited planets for 32 days each, according to which all humans became peaceful. I think that you could explain everything from your side in order to create clarity in this respect as well. You can also explain this, especially in the area of the core group and the passive group, because you know the facts well enough.

Today you're putting it on to challenge me. But well, then I want to satisfy your demands and at least take up and disclose the important facts. But first I want to tell you what you asked me about a long time ago, namely what it was about Lake Sanura and the dwarf creatures.

As you said, in my father Sfaths annals I could find records about it that also showed facts that were completely strange and very interesting to me. According to his annals, he explored the Earth at many times in the past, and almost 40, years ago he also came across Lake Sanura, where the elevated area above today's centre was inhabited by small people who had an average size of centimetres and were the most distant descendants of the first Earthly hominids. In addition to these small people - some of whose most distant descendants are still to be found in Africa as pygmies, but also in Asia - my father Sfath also researched their origins, which led him to many other regions of the world, where he discovered various smaller groups of small people in Europe, Africa, South and North America, Australia and Asia.

However, these were all different and up to centimetres in size, had different pigments and anatomical differences. Interested, he continued his research in the past of the Earth's history and humanity and fathomed the developmental process of hominids back to the early times of 17 million years ago. After that he went back many more millions of years into the past and about 45 million years ago in the area which is today Germany he came across the first life forms which developed in an early stage into a form out of which the hominid development arose about 17 million years ago and out of which in the course of the further millions of years finally the small people developed.

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He discovered these life forms in the place where he was then also together with you to instruct you, where the actual origin of the human form of existence began, in the area you know as 'Grube Messel' near Darmstadt. My father Sfath found this first development of the life form, which led to the development of the first hominid species, for the very first time there, after which over many millions of years from the descendants developing out of it, in the area known today as North Africa, the first human being effectively emerged, as well as at the same time also in areas which are called today Europe, South Africa, South and North America as well as Asia and Australia.

So he fathomed that all the small people he had researched came into being at approximately the same time and that these were the first and oldest human beings on Earth - completely contrary to the, in reality, false research results of today's Earthly-scientific anthropology, whose alleged 'knowledge' is based only on incorrect and hypothetical or imaginary assertions.

Thus, through research in the past, it was recognized that the very first effective people on Earth were small people, who in various areas naturally emerged from the planet and its nature, fauna and flora themselves. So the origin of mankind on Earth was rightly found in Africa, as Earthly anthropology correctly teaches, but not in the way it was conceived, for the early Earthly history of mankind did not begin at the time calculated according to the earliest remains of the genus Homo in Africa, but many millions of years earlier. According to the researches of my father Sfath, all previous finds on Earth concerning earliest hominids correspond only to bones of human beings, which had developed evolutionarily from the first genus Homo and then from the small ones grew larger, as a consequence from the 'dwarves' - as you always call them, and because of which you have set up various artificial dwarf figures in the centre - which were effectively the very first human beings created on Earth, the larger normal-grown ones developed, which populate the world in today's present in an immense excess.

However, it must also be clearly explained that the hominid development of the human species did not take place in a uniform manner, but took place in various chronological and geographical gradations, when about 17 million years ago the process of the actual becoming and the evolutionary adaptation of the Earth-human phenotypic anatomy began in relation to the small growth of the first life form Earth-human. However, in terms of their body size they were normal-growing humans and thus not comparable with the dwarfism or under-growth of the small-in-stature people known on Earth today.

This dwarfism results from various symptoms of various underlying diseases, which impair body growth and limb development, whereby it is misleadingly assumed by inexperienced Earthlings that these small people are cognitively handicapped. This, however, corresponds to an error and misjudgement of an unparalleled kind, because these people, who are impaired by small stature, are usually absolutely normal and equal to the so-called normal stature and in no way behind the normal stature in relation to the development of consciousness, mind, reason and intelligence and thus also in relation to all cognitive as well as all physical abilities and thus also in relation to reproduction.

At the raised shore the area was inhabited, namely at an elevated position above the position where the centre stands today, where you call the respective terrains 'Haus-Kanzel' and 'Hintere-Kanzel'. At another time, however, when my father visited Lake Sanura some 29, years ago, he could no longer find it, so he fathomed what had happened, and through further visits to the past he discovered that the back-end of the embankment of Lake Sanura had been torn open and washed away by severe Earthquakes, below where the entrance to the Steinental now exists.

And all that remains to be explained now is that my father at that time, according to his annals, remembered the old OM doctrine, which you rewrote and reproduced in canon 20, verse , consequently he judged the area around the former Sanura Lake in the past about 29, years ago as ideal and as the 'hoof of the horse' and judged that this must be the place of the sage, as he is already described in the ancient OM.

Thus he decided to arrange for the level 'Arahat Athersata' by mediation, that one day, when he had to take over the task of your teaching, you should be conceived and born on the one hand by parents who should have a direct connection to the area of the former lake. And on the other hand it should also be that you too should become familiar with the whole region around the former Sanura Lake from your youngest youth on, in order to build up a place at that location, in order to spread the 'Teaching of Truth, the Teaching of the Spirit, Teaching of Life' for the whole Earth world from there.

And by the immeasurable help of the level 'Arahat Athersata' the predicted noble request of my father Sfath has been realized in spite of all tremendous adversities, and so today the centre actually exists and works out into the whole world. These, Eduard, my dear friend, are the facts from my father's endless records of his annals, which I have only become aware of in the last few days and can now also tell you.

Du legst es heute darauf an, mich herauszufordern. Das, Eduard, mein lieber Freund, sind die Fakten aus meines Vaters unendlich vielen Aufzeichnungen seiner Annalen, deren ich erst in den letzten Tagen einsichtig geworden bin und sie nun auch dir nennen kann. Fabulous, I didn't know anything about all these things and happenings either, but I only had the little information that Sfath had to give me so that I knew where I was and what I had to do.

Sagenhaft, auch ich wusste von all diesen Dingen und Geschehen nichts, sondern ich hatte nur die wenigen Informationen, die mir Sfath notwendigerweise zu geben hatte, damit ich wusste, woran ich war und was ich zu tun hatte. That was my father, because he only ever explained as much as was necessary.

But we should not talk about that now, but about what concerns us Plejaren. I must begin by addressing what happened about 52, years ago on Erra and our other Plejaren planets. At that time, vibrations were emitted from the spherical projectile, which circled for 32 days around Erra and also around the other Plejaren planets, which controlled a certain brain region and an exactly defined area of all planet inhabitants, against which there was no possibility of defence, as could be fathomed by our scientists at that time. What the processes were, and which brain areas and exact regions of the brain were involved, I cannot explain because our directives do not allow me to declare this, because through more precise information, the terrestrial human beings through their brain researchers can gain more knowledge from it, which they then - as usual with the Earth scientists if they gain new insights, would convert them into new useful weapons for wars and intelligence services and then misuse them for murder, destruction, torture and warlike purposes.

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This would happen, on the one hand, through neuroscientists, who would use everything in such a way as to manipulate the structure and function of the nervous systems of terrestrial humans in such a way that they would be destroyed and become inoperative. Whole peoples would be wiped out or simply made to suffer and fall ill, e. Polyneuropathy and migraine, as well as neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's disease, auto-immunological diseases such as multiple sclerosis, could also be caused, as could cranio-cerebral trauma, strokes, cerebral haemorrhages, epilepsy, brain tumours and meningitis, etc.

Furthermore, diseases of consciousness such as insanity, idiocy and feeble-mindedness, etc. Beginnen muss ich damit, indem ich das anspreche, was sich vor rund 52 Jahren auf Erra und unseren anderen plejarischen Planeten ergeben hat. That would be more than just inhuman. But it would probably be appropriate to explain what happened to you Plejaren more than 52, years ago, and how and through what your peoples of all Plejaren planets came to peace and freedom. But that might actually degenerate into the way you said, which is why I can't consider further details and explanations and can't explain anything in more detail.

But I may explain what I want to do only in a short way and without any major explanations, what happened to our ancestors 52, years ago, but I really do not intend to go into detail. It turned out that the vibrational impulses emitted by the aforementioned spherical spacecraft very effectively influenced certain areas of the brain of all planet inhabitants and had such an effect on special areas that all impulses of violence and degeneration were soothed, but not extinguished, but only put into a mitigated state and peacefully tuned. This was enough for the populations of all planets to fall away from all malicious violence and become peaceful during the time when the spherical spacecraft was orbiting the worlds, while still retaining their free will and, above all, without external verbal influences from the leaders of the state and their unpeaceful propaganda, etc.

The soothing influences of vibrations, which only had an effect on certain parts of the brain and in these only on special areas, were neither aggressive nor compelling, because only impulses of vibrations took place through which reason and understanding were stimulated and led to the fact that the populations discarded their collective world of thought within a few days, because they became free of all unpeaceful suggestive collective thinking controlled by governments and religions and were able to form their own independent thoughts and opinions.

Through the very rapid abandonment of their collective thinking suggestively controlled by governments and religions and the likewise very rapid learning and use of their own individual thoughts, the people of the Plejaren planets learned and grasped their personal self-knowledge and formed their own and ever stronger self-determination, whereby they attained a personal mental strength. In a special way the apostasy and the abandonment of all religious faith factors had an effect and with it the perception and knowledge of reality and the truth anchored in it grew and with it the grasping, understanding and following of the natural creative laws, which are universally aligned to peacefulness, freedom and independence.

When this was recognized by all Plejaran populations of all our worlds and every religious belief was discarded and frowned upon, various insights were formed which resulted in personal attitudes and far-reaching thought processes which led to the fact that all people of all nations independently set themselves challenging goals and adhered to them even under difficulties, learned to deal with failures better and more effectively, gained a higher motivation and achieved their set self-realization goals. It also turned out that within only eleven days they were less and less distracted by other people's opinions and above all not by the suggestive and unpeaceful influence of the government, nor by their unhappiness.

On the contrary, all the populations of all the planets henceforth made every effort and persevered to achieve their goals. Very quickly they became aware of their own abilities and learned to control and dominate situations of all kinds which occurred just as quickly, and they quickly became mentally strong people who also learned to use their abilities by seeking, finding and realizing new challenges for their intellect and rationality as well as for their self-development and self-realization. In this way, individuals learned to cope with stress and strain within a very short time and to live their entire self-created personality traits in a controlled manner.

Through their constantly growing mental strength, they very quickly created a conscious performance that also had a strong effect on their mental and physical health, as well as on setting themselves new, challenging goals and realizing them. And all this, along with many other positive developments, ultimately led within only 32 days - during which the spherical spacecraft circled the worlds - to all persons of all populations finally liberating themselves independently and according to their own free will from all degenerations and from all violence and immorality etc..

By the unimaginably strong evolutive impulses of vibration, which were emitted by the spherical body and influenced the humanities of all our Plejaran planets, all human beings became aware within a very short time that external influences by other persons, forces and populist and unpeaceful influences controlled by the governments which were hostile to peace, were degenerated, violent and destructive as well as negative and malicious influences affecting the mind and the reason, affected them negatively against their own will and let them fall into violence etc.

This realization led the people of all our planets to renounce violence, immorality, degeneracy, evil and bad and also to defeat their bad habits. It was also recognized, however, that despite all knowledge and efforts regarding the conduct of life in good, right, human and righteousness, as well as regarding the observance of natural positive creative laws, man always remains vulnerable and can fall back into old bad, negative, evil and bad behaviours, if he does not strive for the necessary control for prevention.

And it was recognized that this can happen again and again, if, in a connection to any verbal, physical or consciousness-, thought, emotion and psyche burdening forms, the human being is influenced long enough from the outside. So in this respect all people of all Plejaran planets and their populations were classified in this natural-creative law of action in such a way that countermeasures had to be taken, which were recorded in directives and followed and which consisted in the fact that no direct or otherwise harmful connections to foreign worlds and their populations were to be sought and maintained, so as not to fall back into the old ways of behaving through such contacts with foreign peoples and peoples who were not our ancestors.

We Plejaren of today - like our ancestors 52, years ago and all descendants since then - are human beings too, who must resist such external influences unscathed for unfortunately we are still susceptible to negative external influences which would allow us to fall back into the old ways of behaving if we were to fall into negative spheres of influence for long enough which are harmful to us and were hit by factors which have a negative effect on us.

We Plejaren, too, are human beings and are categorized as developing within the framework of every natural-creative order and law, through a very laborious elaboration of our higher evolution of consciousness, which we must follow and continue to learn even after 52, years of peace.

And we can do this today through the life teaching of Nokodemion, the 'Teaching of Truth, Teaching of the Spirit, Teaching of Life', which helps us unspeakably much in our further evolution of consciousness, but which was known to us only in small parts until the beginning of your mission, but which you now bring and teach not only to the terrestrial human beings, but also to us in many extended explanations. But as far as our ancestors were concerned more than 52, years ago, it was only at that time that they gained their knowledge and became aware of the effective facts and values of living according to the natural-creative laws, when the sphere appeared as a flying object and circled around our Plejaren planets, whereby all Plejaren populations were struck by its vibratory impulses and were soothed and peacefully tuned in a restrained yet certain and effective way.

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These vibratory impulses stimulated their intellect and rationality, and the populations turned to the gently pressing peaceful impulses and consciously surrendered to their evolution of consciousness. Through this devotion our ancestors at that time recognized the truth and effectiveness of the natural-creative laws and correct natural-creative way of life, learned to fathom and follow them and made them their own, so that from then on all populations consciously developed according to them and aligned themselves to them in every way.

However, they were only able to do the whole thing after they realized that their very high technical development in all forms and possibilities with regard to peace, real freedom, righteousness, justice and humanity, as well as their way of life according to natural-creative laws, did not bring them away from their degenerations, their violent behaviour and from all evil, from all warfare and all destructive and all negative and all bad behaviour.

Only through the effect of the vibration impulses on them, which were emitted by the spherical flying machine and by which they were peacefully influenced, did they find their personal change and finally, through their own development of consciousness, knowledge, efforts, their own will, their mind, their reason and use of their intelligence, to arrive at their personal inner peace, their personal inner freedom and righteousness. And they began to bring this invaluable gain and victory over themselves to bear on the outside as well, whereby all peoples united among themselves in a continuing state of peace and freedom and since then all acts of violence, degenerations and wars etc.

Only when the vibrational impulses of the spherical flying machine had an effect on all Plejaran peoples and had a calming and peaceful effect on them could they be ended in every form, whereby they consciously became powerful of their own independence and from outside-uninfluenced thinking ability as well as of their mind, their rationality and the application of their intelligence and thereby their own self-development could take place.

But that did not mean that our ancestors 52, years ago, or since then, had been exalted above all susceptibility and relapse into the old degenerate, vicious, warlike, violent and all other negative forms and disregarding of all natural-creative laws. And this is also not the case today, for we Plejaren are not yet immune from it, just as all our ancestors were not.

This is well known to us Plejaren, and we also know through the teachings of Nokodemion that in order to be above all susceptibility and relapse into the old negative patterns of degeneration, violence, wars, hatred, falsehood and malice, etc. But this, and very much more, is only possible for a human being - no matter who, how, what and where he is from, whether from the Earth, from our Plejaren planets or elsewhere - if he learns very thoroughly and intensively over all times to perceive reality and the truth that it contains and to implement all resulting insights for his own self- development in a correctly positive and evolutionary way.

And the comprehensive understanding that gradually matured in all the people of our Plejaran populations also led to the realization that all development requires prolonged periods of natural-creative prosperity, which in this regard led all Plejaran peoples to understand that they would never cease learning, but would have to learn their whole lives and continue to learn, because learning would never cease, but would continue endlessly and also in every new life in relation to every new personality.

So it became clear and understandable that learning never ends and therefore must be continued in every new life of every new personality, for many thousands of years, thousands of decades, thousands of centuries and millions of years, until the one time entrance into the higher levels of the 'High Council' and higher. But this meant - and this was recognized in the course of time - that the human being must learn endlessly and learn further and further through all times in which he incarnates again and again as new personalities and exists and lives as a material form of life, which is why as a learning human being he will never be immune to making mistakes again and again in order to learn from them and to understand everything better and to continue learning positively.

At the same time, however, it was also linked to the realization that, as a result of the lifelong learning process of each new personality, there was also the danger and possibility, that timelessly over and above all new incarnations and new personalities, of falling back into the old behaviour of former personalities - in spite of every higher development achieved.

But it was recognized that especially suggestive verbal, thought and emotional influences, as well as consciousness and psychic disturbances and various external influences of fellow human beings can cause very negative recidivism with regard to behaviour of any kind. And this realization that such external influences of fellow human beings have a suggestive effect and that they provoke relapses into old patterns of negative behaviour and ultimately cause them to break through, led to the creation of directives that warned against and prohibited them, that from then on in no way extra-planetary contacts and connections with peoples or individual forms of life could be cultivated whose state of evolution in terms of life and behaviour as well as the rationality of consciousness, thought, feeling, psychology, action and reason was lower than the general average of the Plejaran population in this respect.

And these directives have survived throughout all times up to the present day and are therefore still valid today and in the distant future. This is because it has been known to us for 52, years through the teachings of Nokodemion - which you transmit to our humanity as well as to humanity on Earth - that through the most diverse external suggestive or any other negative influences, the susceptibility to relapses into old negative patterns and norms is always given to all human beings in the universal vastness, that we Plejaren, too, would be disadvantaged by such energies and forces acting on us and could fall back into old behaviour patterns.

However, we must protect ourselves against this, whereby we act in this respect in accordance with our directives, comply with them unwaveringly in adherence and compliance and therefore run no risk of suffering any damage. Through the teachings of Nokodemion, which you teach us, we now also know that man is susceptible to setbacks and relapses into old negative forms of old behaviour until he no longer needs his material body, which will only be when his spirit-form enters the higher level of 'High Council'. Only then has the human consciousness reached a higher level of evolution and can profit from it and beneficially perceive, apply and effectively implement the always positive impulses from the spirit-form in consciousness.

If this is not the case, however, then the possibility of danger with regard to susceptibility and recidivism into old negative mentalities and behaviour patterns etc. And this danger of relapse exists always under any circumstances and with every human being, if he is suggestively influenced from the outside in his consciousness, his mind, his reason and intelligence etc.

But this is also the case with us Plejaren in this way, because our consciousness, mind, reason and intelligence - due to a lack of a sufficiently high evolution of consciousness - are still susceptible to degenerated external influences of every possible kind, whereby in particular linguistic and action-related influences from outside and behavioural patterns of people directly affecting us are such that they could have a negative effect on us and throw us back into the old degeneration and effects which were still inherent in our ancestors 52, years ago and from which we still have to protect ourselves today and very far into the future.

In this respect, even our highly developed technology of every description cannot protect us, because we can only use it in many diverse ways for our own purposes, while we are dependent in every respect on our intellect, our rationality, intelligence and directives with regard to our evolution, mentality and all our behaviours, in order to preserve and not endanger the high life values of every description, which our ancestors and ourselves have continuously developed.

And this corresponds to a thing which may seem incomprehensible to the majority of mankind on Earth, as well as to the fact that we cannot and must not get involved in any direct or other contacts and connections with differently thinking and differently living forms of life or also people like Earth people on the basis of these reasons. This fact is therefore one of the most important reasons why we Plejaren are allowed to hold ourselves back and, according to our security and our directives created in this respect, are not allowed to make any direct or telepathic contacts with persons and peoples of other worlds, nor in any technical-communicative form.

This is precisely the case when they are not aligned with our Plejaren values in their forms of mentality and behaviour as well as in their way of life and in their use of understanding, reason and intelligence, etc. The aforementioned negative factors, like those that are prevalent with Earth-people, also occur with the other Earth foreigners and the third grouping and with the Earth-future people, who on the one hand already for thousands of years or for some other time show their presence on Earth again and again in different ways.

These explanations should suffice, because with them I have clarified the most important facts. Und das ist auch in der heutigen Zeit nicht so, denn auch wir heutigen Plejaren sind noch nicht dagegen gefeit, wie es auch alle unsere Vorfahren ebenso nicht waren. Dabei resp. Your father Sfath already explained all this to me, as did you, your daughter Semjase, Quetzal and Asket, but I thought that the whole thing should be explained openly in a conversation by you, which you have now done - thank you very much for that, Ptaah. Your explanation will certainly help some Earthlings to understand why you have strictly restrained yourselves, e.

And why the whole thing with regard to the attempt to establish indirect contact with the US government via me could not have come about in this way, you have also clarified this and established that Already your first contact attempt with an Earthly government, just as with the USA, was indeed meant to be through my mediation and should have been brought about by the person commissioned by me for this purpose, but unfortunately everything was condemned to failure from the beginning by lies and fraud.

Also in this respect it was and is to be said that honesty cannot lead to success through lies and deceit, but only effective honesty itself, which can only lead to something valuable and lasting from a natural-creative point of view. Also, concerning this matter, reality and truth are the all fundamental values, whereby however many Earthlings manipulate or try to form reality and its truth according to desire and mood for their own benefit and advantage, whereby much is often rendered impossible and destroyed.

On the one hand, reality and truth cannot be separated because they form a unity, and on the other hand, there is no understanding of what reality and truth really mean, which is why I would like to express in our conversation what is to be understood by them. This has also happened in many other ways, such as dialectical materialism, American pragmatism and subjective idealism, consensus theory, pragmatic truth and the coherence theory of truth, etc.

ALTRUISTISCHES VERHALTEN - Biologie - Neurobiologie und Verhalten

So I think that I will give a clear explanation of what your Plejaren understand by the term truth, just as I learned from your father's, Sfath, teaching, and hope that I can still correctly reproduce it, as he taught me, and therefore the term truth can only be defined in such a way that it becomes comprehensible as to what is to be understood by the value 'truth':.

Truth is founded in the awareness and recognition of reality and thus in the reflection of the same, for the truth anchored in reality, which alone is true to reality, corresponds to an absolute compliance in logic, respectively logical consistency, and proves the authenticity, validity, purity and correctness of the real reality, which as such has no possibility of doubt, and in fact, related in every respect to an effectively real true fact, respectively, an irrefutable fact of a current or future statement, assertion, existence, condition, event, action, speech, emotion, situation, item, act, presence, past event or behaviour that has taken place, exists, has been made, is present or will take place in the future, etc.

Dies finde ich als erforderlich, weil seit alters her durch viele Philosophen, wie z. Das ist auch in vielen anderen Arten und Weisen geschehen, wie z.

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My statement was not extensive, because if I had to explain everything in more detail, there would not have been enough time today.