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Sometimes I wonder if my words and efforts matter. If we allow it, setbacks can strangle change. Two monumental events happened on July 2 that offer hope to us all:. He was discussing the wet cold spring which prevented planting of corn at its normal time. Imagine living in a simpler time when your family worked hard to grow and care for their gardens to provide food with pride.


Children played an active role in the garden while learning basic life skills. Prepping, eating, and storing vegetables was just a way of life. After retirement, my first project was to try to learn Spanish. At my age, I forget a lot of what I learn.


Symptoms include suicide rates at a year high, not counting suicide by opioids. Life span projections contract. Polls indicate that Americans, for the first time, do not expect the lives of their children to be happier than theirs. We could continue, but the news of societal depression is itself depressing. THE chair. So, how does that fact affect all children? K educators came to NIU campus for four days and three nights to explore social justice issues in education. Since its first year, the size of the camp has doubled from just under 60 campers to approximately with demand for a fourth camp next year.

This obsession with socialism is ridiculous and misleading -- harmful in that it diverts attention from the real issue, the role of government under capitalism.

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The real problem is that capitalism is not working for all people. The challenge is to make capitalism work for all people.

It's Flag Day. As a child, I learned along with my classmates the words to the Pledge of Allegiance. Ironically, I would learn them at a time when "liberty and justice for all" clearly did not exist for many Americans. Last week, we celebrated the seventy-fifth anniversary of the D-Day invasion.

But June is also the month of another anniversary -- one for an individual who was just as important to the Allied victory in Europe. They like to be outdoors in the fresh air and the scenery. I wrote this perspective on the morning June 6th, the 75th anniversary of Operation Overlord that began the liberation of Western Europe. I also just recently completed my 30th year working with high school and middle school kids. A few years ago, a friend and her son, Ben, visited our sheep farm. My husband did a sheepherding demonstration with our border collie Abbie. Earth Day and Earth Month have come and gone; however, climate change -- our climate crisis -- is here to stay.

As a mom of three, one documentary caught my attention a few years ago titled, Normal is Over. Renee Scheltema -- a mom and renowned journalist filmmaker -- begins by sharing why she embarked on a yearlong trip around the world to examine the state of our planet. In first year criminal law classes we learn there are two kinds of crimes: malum in se and malum prohibitum : bad in itself and bad because prohibited. Malum in se crimes are inherently immoral.


Murder, arson, rape are examples. They all envision direct action by a person harming a person. The vast amount of malum prohibitum crimes are crimes merely because they are prohibited by statute. The act itself is rarely immoral. These are what I call paperwork crimes: e.

A week ago today, this nation stopped to honor and remember fallen members of the Armed Forces. Those who made the ultimate sacrifice for citizens of this country to live free. The day is commemorated in many different ways. For example, there were parades, wreaths lain at gravesites, and some service persons were honored with medals or citations. Share via Whatsapp. Share via E-Mail.

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