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Now open workbook2. The point is that Excel caches previously calculated results and you need to trigger recalculation to updated them. It is not an issue when you are creating new workbooks from scratch, but important to remember when you are modifing existing workbooks with formulas.

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This can be done in two ways:. Delegate re-calculation to Excel. The application will perform a full recalculation when the workbook is opened:. It is possible for a formula in an Excel spreadsheet to refer to a Named Range or Cell in a different workbook.

How to share Excel file for multiple users and co-author a shared workbook

These cross-workbook references are normally called External References. These are formulas which look something like:. If you don't have access to these other workbooks, then you should call setIgnoreMissingWorkbooks true to tell the Formula Evaluator to skip evaluating any external references it can't look up. In order for POI to be able to evaluate external references, it needs access to the workbooks in question.

As these don't necessarily have the same names on your system as in the workbook, you need to give POI a map of external references to open workbooks, through the setupReferencedWorkbooks java. You should normally do something like:. POI is not perfect and you may stumble across formula evaluation problems Java exceptions or just different results in your special use case. To support an easy detailed analysis, a special logging of the full evaluation is provided.

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The output of this logging may be very large depends on your EXCEL , so this logging has to be explicitly enabled for each single formula evaluation. Should not be used in production - only for specific development use. The special Logger called "POI. FormulaEval" is used useful if you use the CommonsLogger and a detailed logging configuration.

If you are using POI 3. The biggest restriction is that, since evaluating a cell needs that cell in memory and any others it depends on, only pure-function formulas and formulas referencing nearby cells can be evaluated with SXSSF. If a formula references a cell that hasn't yet been written, or one which has already been flushed to disk, then it won't be possible to evaluate it.

Because of this, a call to wb. Instead, it is suggested to evaluate formula cells just after writing them, or shortly after when cells they depend on are added. Just make sure that all cells needing or needed for evaluation are inside the window. Component APIs.

How to Resolve Excel found unreadable content in file ?

User Defined Functions. Record Generator. PPT File Format. Publisher HPBF. File System Documentation.

Excel shared workbook: How to share Excel file for multiple users

Using FormulaEvaluator. The formula remains in the cell, just with a new value The return of the function is the type of the formula result, such as Cell. Consider the following example: Open Excel and create a new workbook. This can be done in two ways: 1. Generally you should have to create only one FormulaEvaluator instance per Workbook.