Guide Unmasking Spiritual Deception In The Church

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Caution Alert. I would approach this book with discernment, it's not for the average person.

Unmasking demonic operation in the Church

This book deals with difficult matters of the spirit and is best consumed by mature believers who are spirit-filled and spirit-led. There's high potential to do great harm by misapplying the principles in this book as the author sternly warns. This book is not meant to send you on a witch hunt, no pun intended. It is meant to make you sensitive to a very active spiritual dynamic whose eye is set on des Caution Alert.

It is meant to make you sensitive to a very active spiritual dynamic whose eye is set on destruction of the church. I appreciate the personal stories included within every chapter as it helps put a real face onto this problem. I also appreciate the emphasis on biblical confrontation, repentance, restoration, and reconciliation.

Unmasking Deceived Leadership

Seeing the number of churches closing daily or embroiled in strife saddens me. Reading this book has reinforced in me the importance of strong intercessory prayer. We need prophetic voices speaking today. Which means there's also a risk of false prophetic voices, as the author notes several times. And that means that we must be people of prayer. We must take our place on the wall praying protection over those in positions of leadership within the church. Overall, if you're new to matters of the spirit, have significant strongholds in your life, or are otherwise unhealthy spiritually -- this is not the book for you.

Unmasking Spiritual Deception - Grace Community Church

Jul 10, Roberta rated it it was amazing. I didn't know about the Jezebel spirit. When I learned about it I wondered if I was dealing with someone that was operating in the Jezebel spirit. I learned as much as I could about it and it's frightening stuff!

I realized that, yes, I had been dealing with someone operating in the Jezebel spirit for quite sometime and I had not known it and had not opposed this spirit.

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This book is not to be taken lightly but is highly recommended if you even think this is something that someone you know usua I didn't know about the Jezebel spirit. This book is not to be taken lightly but is highly recommended if you even think this is something that someone you know usually a "friend" may be consumed with.

So Good. I choose this rating because not only is this book informative it teaches about how 2 overcome this.

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  • Just knowing that we always have a remedy 2 a solution makes the fight way more worth it. Excellent book. May 10, Katartizofabrics rated it it was amazing. Reading this book was like reading the epitaph of some people I know. It helped me to understand what I have dealt with in the past with certain "Christ followers". The Jezebel spirit is very real and alive in the church. Standing against it, instead of running, is the best thing you can do as a believer.

    This book helps you to recognize it's characteristics then teaches you how to deal with someone who has this spirit operating through them. Apr 11, Lela rated it really liked it. Every book I have read by John Paul Jackson is worth while reading. Very informative. Especially for anyone who has worked within "the church" where there have been well meaning individuals that managed to cause division, disruption, and so on. I always love the prayers John Paul Jackson walks you through. He does not just identify a problem, he walks you through it, so there is, as it should be always - victory in Christ Jesus.

    It describes the spirit of jezebel and how this spirit can operate in males or females. It describes the mission of this spirit which is to divide congregations and the people of God and destroy lives. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone interested at the beginner level of spiritual warfare. Apr 26, Denise rated it it was amazing.

    I've read this title and his other one Needless Causalties of War.

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    I love his prophetic insight to the church as a body and we must be careful of manipulators, abusers and pedophiles who market themselves as church leaders. More than that, he gives us the tools that will help us identify these charlatans so that they will be ineffective and hopefully not damage anyone else. Jul 10, Linda rated it it was amazing. Jackson's depiction and knowledge of the Jezebel Spirit was accurate and extremely informative.

    Derek Prince: "Religious Deception" *Must Hear* [Printed Scriptual References]

    I found it biblically sound and grounded. We need to watch.

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