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It is soft with a mild flavor. Camembert is in the same family as Brie although from Normandy instead of the Champagne region. Camembert is fully covered by rind and has less fat than Brie. The flavors are similar but Camembert is a little stronger.

1) A Béret

And, finally, 4. This cheese is made from goat milk. It has a stronger and more tart flavor to it and a medium-soft texture. Chocolate Image Courtesy of: Panos Asproulis. Good chocolate is almost a fail-proof gift idea and Paris makes it very easy to find. With world-renowned chocolatiers, like Pierre Herme, Paul Hevin, and Pierre Marcolini, you will easily be able to find high-quality chocolate without even searching for it.

Top 20 souvenirs to bring back from Paris

Plan to spend from Euros on average for a chocolate souvenir or present. Paul Hevin chocolate gift set is definitely well worth the try. One popular box, called the Tri-box No. Shopping at La Vaissellerie is an economical way to bring home your Parisian cafe experience. Full of knick-knacks and kitchen accessories, this eclectic store has many very reasonably priced white dishes.

Expect to spend about 2 Euros per white dish. The people working at the store have good English and are ready to gift-wrap for you. It is in three locations in Paris proper, but here is one address: 85 Rue Rennes, Paris, France. Metro: Saint Suplice, Rennes. Wine Image Courtesy of: Ed and Eddie. France is almost always the largest wine producer in the world with the exception of one or two years when it came second to Spain. With over 56 varieties of grapes, wines are a cultural pillar for France and a great souvenir to bring home. This knowledgeable cellar holds very classic, as well as fine wines.

Built in , the Passage des Princes is very much similar to any other visually interesting and historically rich passage in Paris, except for one thing - all the shops here sell toys. Another remarkable thing about it is that it looks freshly built, creating a sensation that you're in Disneyland or something, and the reason for that being that, indeed, the passage was destroyed and built anew in in exactly the same form, using many of the original elements, as part of a real estate scheme.

Funny enough though, the original arcade - back in the 19th century - was also created the same way, through demolition, as part of another real estate scheme meant to improve pedestrian connectivity with Rue Richelieu, which was then one of the busiest and most elegant streets in Paris. Soap from Marseille Savon de Marseille. Savon de Marseille has been around for around years, the first recorded soap maker worked in the year Savon de Marseille soaps are almost all made with natural oils, most commonly olive oil, and many are still made by hand.

These soaps are great for dry skin and have some amazing natural scents. Bring some of this soap home as gifts and your family and friends will love it. Chanel No. Often considered the world's most famous perfume, The French government reports that a bottle of Chanel No. Coco Chanel had a strong affinity to the number five and felt it was very lucky. This is the first perfume that she ever sold. The perfume has a great smell with a delicate balance between musky, flowery, and fresh. You can find the Chanel No.

Expect to pay around Euros for a bottle. Asterix Comic Books Bandes Dessines. The Astrix series is one of the most popular Franco-Belgian comics in the world and has been translated into over languages. Check out the Gilbert Jeune Geography, politic, voyages, tourism store first. The second floor has a comic book section. Then, check out one of the two Aaapoum bapoum stores at 14 Rue Serpente, Paris. This store is solely dedicated to comic books and carries some first editions.

Price range: Euros. Metro: Saint Michel. Skip to content. In our guide to shopping in Paris: Typical gifts from Paris. Best shopping areas in Paris. Best markets in Paris. Souvenirs, Gifts and Typical Products from Paris Tourists looking for gifts, souvenirs and typical products can satisfy all their shopping needs in Montmartre , which is the shopping area par excellence and includes numerous gift shops, art galleries and shops with more or less artistic items.

Vintage Poster from the Bouquinistes Le Chat Noir by Alexandre Steinlein The Bouquinistes are the street vendors of old books, sketches, pictures, vintage postcards and posters depicting Parisian lifestyle. Painting from Montmartre Street Painters in Montmartre, Paris Montmartre is famous all around the world as the iconic site of painters and sketch artists painting and selling their pictures on the cobbled streets of this district.

Wine Wine shop On the topic of sensual pleasures — one of the most renowned products of France is obviously wine. Cheese Specialized cheese shop French cheeses are worth their fame all over the world. Nostalgic Vintage Object from Flea Market Vintage porcelain on flea market Flea markets let even the tourists on the tightest budget to take home something very special and unique.

Guide to the best shopping areas in Paris Below you will find a guide divided into sections on luxury, mid-range and cheap shopping in Paris. Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann The spectacular shopping mall Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann and Printemps located in Boulevard Haussmann would complete the top sites of exclusive places for shopping in the French capital. Guide of Markets in Paris Paris is famous for its flea markets where tourists gather from all over the world in search of bargains: antiquities, unique vintage clothes and artisan products of all kinds.

Share it! More Shopping in Europe. Updated on 29 May, 4 votos, promedio: 5. The length must be longer than 5 characters.. Name Please, review your name. It must use alphabetical characters and a length between 3 and Email Please, review your email. Website Please, review the URL of your website. You must agree with our privacy policy. Continue with Facebook. Continue with Twitter. Subscribe me! I accept the privacy policy of Euroviajar. So in this post I sought to reach beyond those trite souvenir lists, and come up with a more comprehensive Parisian souvenir and gift shopping guide, compiled by my own experiences we well as those of friends, family and readers.

While these souvenirs are not all Paris specific some items come from other parts of France they can all be easily found in Paris. Some of the Parisian souvenirs ideas are edible, some are costly, some are absolutely free— I tried to cover the full range, including gift ideas from Paris. If you have a great Parisian souvenir not listed here, please share in the comments, I would love to add it to the list! The gorgeous tiffany blue shopfront and glittering chandeliers will lure you into Laduree.

But the real treat is safely ensconced behind glass, the one and only macaron. Not to be confused with the similar-sounding, but very different, coconut macaroon , a macaron is a delicate, meringue-based cookie. In the French macaron, two light-as-air, crispy shells surround a creamy center, usually made of ganache, butter cream or jam. While I love the macarons and pretty atmosphere at Laduree, there are many macaron shops in Paris to try Pierre Hermes is also a reader favorite.

Soap has been crafted in France since the middle ages. Or you can skip the fancy brands out there, and opt for this cheap bar of supermarket soap about 1. Available in a variety of scents, my favorites are the orange blossom and savon au lait milk. For more French supermarket souvenir ideas, check out my post here.

Tie your supermarket French soap up with ribbon from the craft store and voila, you have a gift worthy souvenir. Once the hangout of writers and artists like Hemingway, and Fitzgerald, the store maintains its ramshackle charm and remains largely unchanged. Pick up a book and have the staff stamp the inside for the perfect souvenir gift for any book lover.

To read more about visiting Shakespeare and Company, check out my full post here.

The one and only Shakespeare and Company you might remember it from the Before Sunrise movies. No matter what country I visit, chocolate almost always makes my top souvenir list. Each country has their own way of making chocolate that makes it distinct. French chocolate is traditionally darker and more heavily roasted than Belgian or Swiss chocolate, which can be milkier and creamier. When in Paris, I skip the mini chains like Maison du Chocolat I have a branch a few blocks from me in New York City and look for unique local purveyors.

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Some of my favorites include Benoit chocolates in the Marais and this chocolate shop in the 4th that is as beautiful as it is delicious— the historic Debauve and Gallais. Paris is filled with bakeries called boulangeries en francais offering crusty baguettes. Unfortunately, Parisian baguettes have an incredibly short shelf life a day at best and are best enjoyed in the moment.

For those serious about their baguettes— a cutting board and bread knives.

If you are a fan of Picasso, you are probably aware that be spent many of his days in Paris, and derived much of his inspiration here. I visited the Picasso Museum on my last trip to Paris and absolutely adored it. Housed in a gorgeous mansion, the museum is worth a visit for the setting alone. Cute ducks in the Picasso museum gift shop. Along with Picasso themed souvenir items, local artists are also featured.

Founded in , Mariage Freres is a high-end, elegant tea shop, carrying unique blends and is the best place in Paris to buy tea. While tea lovers will adore this shop, even the less tea obsessed with appreciate the gorgeous design of the store, with the chic black tins adorning the walls. While I never thought of the French as candy fanatics unlike other cultures like Sweden and Japan , there still is tasty candy to be sampled.

I stuck with traditional classics, the kind of candy the French remember from their childhood. Find them in the supermarket, to read more check out my post here.

Angelina Tea House is one of the most famous patisseries and cafes in Paris, well known for its rich hot chocolate. Pick up a bottle of ready made hot chocolate to heat up at home and read all about my Angelina experience and their delicious pastries in my post here. I can conform the hot chocolate is delicious, especially on a blustery day.

Paris is synonymous with high fashion, which if you can afford, makes for a great souvenir. But for those of us on a budget, you can still bring home a designer look for a fraction of the cost by shopping at bona fide outlet stores in the heart of Paris. To find out where the outlet stores are and see photos of what they sell, check out my exhaustive post here. I had no idea Parisian outlet stores even existed until I walked right past several.

High fashion in Paris is definitely a top souvenir. Bring home a designer dress as a souvenir— at a fraction of the cost. Paris is well known for its famous bistros and brassieres so you may want to visit an old school brassiere in St. At Cafe de Flore, head up to stairwell to view the glass case showcasing all their table setting souvenirs. Despite the brusque wait staff at Cafe de Flore, dining here is an experience.

Do not attempt even discreetly to take photos inside or you will be severely reprimanded. If the table settings at Cafe de Flore above are too outrageously priced or cumbersome to bring home, consider a free, highly packable alternative— those paper placements at your favorite french bistro. My friend Meg snared several on her last trip to Paris and plans to laminate them so they can be used back home. French crepes are absolutely legendary.

My only regret from my last Paris trip was that I did not eat more crepes. One of my favorite meals on the entire trip were the savory and dessert crepes from the highly recommended Briezh cafe in the Marais. Sitting in the Briezh shop worked out well for this souvenir finder, as we waited for our crepes I explored the merchandise cookbooks, caramels, and 1 kilogram sacks of crepe mix.

Briezh was practically the only restaurant enjoyed by the fussy vegetarian on my trip. While the classic beret might be better known, the floppy French hat is a bit more wearable. Despite being worn more by instagrammers than the actual French, the floppy hat remains a souvenir favorite. French pharmacies are legendary for their array of skin care and beauty products.

While many French pharmacy items can be found in the US, the prices are often double what they are in Paris. I also found the selection of items to be far superior in Paris. French lingerie in my opinion is the best in the world. Not only is it beautiful, but the fit is generally far superior than the poorly cut lingerie from US chain stores.