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I was the typical, blue jeans, T shirt and tennis shoes kind of kid that never wore a pair of cowboy boots in my life, but I honored his request and tried them on and went out to start his car. After that episode, I was feeling quite uncomfortable about going over there.

I also noticed that he had other boys my age over there trying to start his car. It was then I realized that people would actually get off on this sort of thing, which is what appears that my guitar teacher was doing with me. I never told my parents or anyone about this because he was still a cool dude and apologized to me for making me feel uncomfortable. Would this be considered sexual abuse? Yes, it sounds a lot like sexual assault grooming.

I first heard this term from a friend who supports sexual assault survivors through a social program. I got this definition from www. Please respond if you need someone to talk to. I am not an expert by any means, but I can listen. Sorry this is such a late response. The reason I googled about male sexual assault is because a close relative of mine recently told me that he was sexually assaulted as a child. We got on the discussion of how boys are sexually assaulted and how we do not know the true number because they often never come forward and then he blurted it out.

He had never told anyone before, and did not want to talk about it so the conversation ended there. I will not bring it up again because he asked me not to and he dealt with physical abuse all the way growing up and is a very good person today. It makes me feel really sick because he is such a strong role model in my life. I hope if he needs to talk to me he will, but he did grow up in the era where you do not discuss feelings. When I was two I was molested by my birth mothers "friends" but I thought it was a dream until I was in my late teens then I realised the feelings i had during the abuse were real, it has effected my sexuality as a result, I'm unable to perform with girls even though I'm attracted to them, I'm aroused by men, I'm used to the feelings but I often feel lonely and I feel I'm in a glass jar that is separating me from the rest of the world and forming a relationship, sometimes I cry because the scar won't go away, I actually unintentionally went to the flats were it happened and I had a panic attack, I just want to move on I'm fed up with this.

I hate my abusers with a passion and my birth mother too, thankfully my aunt adopted me and raised me from the age of 4, I consider her to be my mum and she and the rest of the family had been very supportive. Hello i am happy to post my discussion up on you website. Im pretty sure the kids that you have isnt your. From what i was told it was called Baby Kripping, I think it comes from the navy or some type of military branch.

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I have such medical problem such as an assist on my testical and pain in my abdomen sometime. They might go around and tell you oh he's gay but not, there gay, alot of them do it to do some crack cocaine or other drugs like heroine or oxycotine. Real people that was child molested have very small penis like the size of a baby carrot, as you get older you heal up so your able to get hard and get an erection. Most men would use viagra or cialis to get there erection that mean that person is still being inserted by other men or has a dildo under there bed, but they dont get hard or feel.

When it happen to me i was about two or three year old, it didnt stop until i was about four years old so all these years i have healed up. They got me Im single now because of it, one day i will find the right one thats for me, All the big wigs are really under cover they stop you from getting jobs,i even have an associate degree in business and they still wont hire me so that must mean on thing somebody out there is very wealth because of the damage that they caused.

Micheal Anthony Johnson is my dad name hes on my birth certificate but it wasnt just him though it was several others. Drugs make you not care about you children and stars such as Johnny Depp and Lenny Kravitz I guess because there rich and famous you know they can get out of anything money make the world go around. A boy cannot become a man if he is being abused in a manner that destroys trust in those important to him. More than that, he needs to develop in the care of someone deserving of his trust.

The effect of society should rank below the lead given by trusted caregivers. The most important thing is that he not be abused at all. From age 7 until 13 I was sexually abused by my father.

He would let me choose whether or not to let him into my bed. I had to let him in, since my sister was next in line. I later refused his attempts to engage me in other areas of development, since I did not trust him and found his presence repellent. When I was 9 and searching for someone to fulfil the paternal role, I found a youth who I thought I could learn from. He was the older brother of my best friend and I looked up to him at first.

He sexually abused me in a much more aggressive way and it was several years before I was able to look for male support again. I had internalised aspects of the youth's abuse and it felt as if he had reached every part of me. It took thought over later interpersonal experiences to enable me to modify the abusive traits I had absorbed and to establish my own values.

Sexual abuse is damaging in the extreme and it destroys trust at a very basic level. I felt outside my peer group after the abuse and wondered if I was homosexual, since I had been sexually aroused by the youth. This made me feel ashamed and my self image was of a boy who had attracted older males interested in forced sex. Boys who are told the males were attracted by their good looks are not comforted.

The most important thing is that an abused boy be offered the psychological support that he needs after the abuse. He should not be made to think that he cannot be abused, since that will discourage him from reporting and accepting the help that he badly needs. Can any expert help me please? I was directly sexually abused by my own elder brother. I am unable to maintain any relation ship with anybody in life.

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What can I do? I am abusing my only son and wife. Please help me. I do not have any friend also. Are you sexually abusing them? I would look up mental health recovery options quickly.

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I am not an expert but I believe there are recovery and rehabilitation centers. I hope this helps you and your family. If you can't find a center, please move away from your family so they do not have to suffer your abuse. He is now 41 and his life is spiraling out of control. He is a father of 4 married and divorced from his childhood sweet heart now for 7yrs. He had a successful business but since talking about the abuse to me in October he has lost everything but a supportive family. He is trapped in his own head.

He said if this is the way his life will be then its not worth living. He has been to therapist but never told them about the abuse. They are leaning toward bi polar. I think he is showing signs of PSTD. There are two other kids in that family who committed a crime. One was for a DWI and since then has made a huge attempt to change his life. The other committed numerous crimes and has been held responsible for his crimes. Did John learn some of his behavior from one of them? But John knows right from wrong and only he should be held responsible for his actions.

I just don't want to see the family be blamed for this. They are truly good people. They did not fail their son, he failed them.. They don't realize the "kids will be kids" attitude will more than likely effect the way this child grows up. Its wonderful to see a child be carefree and have fun, but its also important to instill good work habits and self discipline at an early age, find a balance between fun and molding your child into a responsible adult. How many kids have chores these days?

How many have to seriously work for their video games and computers and crazy expensive clothes? How many parents lay down the law and stick to it? A consistent household is very important. I know everyone isn't privileged but even the poorest of the poor walk around with Echo Shirts and Nike shoes.

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Parents more often find electronic equipment as a good substitute for babysitting and keeping kids out of their hair. Ya know, i just got thru saying something in the other thread and you people need to read it too. Ben has learned from wat he was punished for and yall are just throwin him in the ring with John.

If you dont know who or wat you are talking about, you should just keep your trap shut. He knows the consequences and he was trying to get John to get away from the trouble he has beeen in. But like i said, people make their own choices and as much as the family tries to control and keep them from doing wrong, kids and everyone still has a mind of their own and makes their OWN choices.

You dont know them so quit judging them!!! All the questions you are asking has nothing to do with the fact that wat has happened did happen. Parents find themselves overwhelmed with life and the first priority that flies out the window is parenting because at an early age it is easy for a child to become preoccupied and enthralled in Media overload. But not quite sure,as he told me other night,"at fourteen and fifteen,sixteen years old,i did at the time enjoy it and i really like being "molested. I told him,i do not think so and he need serious mental help,more than i can give him and i blame his drug addicted prostitute jail bird mother who let him turn out this way,so neglected he was as his 2 sisters.

Is this a young man who is now so seriously mentally damaged? He want to marry me. But i do not think i can if he can't at all admit, he was indeed sexually abused,by older women because i think it is shameful to him, and admit it is from his OWN MOTHER abandoning him,for a long time,and mistreating him, and now his own worthless "mom"trying to creep back into his world,and i know this is not a good thing. But most important i was just shock he told me about the things with older women right in there area, i had no idea,so i am happy he told me,but now?

I feel really sorry for him, that he can't admit what has happen to him on the molestation level. He has finally his mother the white drug addict prostitute yes, did in fact, abandon em, ditch em,off on other people was and is a "Crack head addict,and neglect him and her other multiple kids. Took him a while to say this to me,and i love him for saying it but can't yet tell me yes, i am a sex abuse victim I will not give up trying to help him have a normal life.

I love him,but just can't fully commit til he agree,he is indded, a sex abuse victim by the older women he love to be with as a child teen and he had he said altogether like seventeen! Simple pathology. Drug addiction can cause brain damage - not much doubt about that. What 'developmental years' means I am not sure. Is rape by an adult more damaging than rape by a person older than the child? My experience of being abused is it is what is done by the rapist or abuser that can cause damage or confusion. Different people will react to similar environments very differently.

I could not agree that brain damage causes homosexuality, as you seem to imply. Sexual abuse may or may not cause homosexuality. I was sexually abused by several males, but I am heterosexual. It felt like two of the males tried to make me homosexual, in view of how they approached the sexual abuse. My mother died when I was in 5th grade. My siblings and I were sent to different places around the country to be cared for. I was sent to what my father thought was a trusted friend. There, a guy molested me It wasn't a problem for most of my life.

I would only think about it every 2 or 3 months. However, during the Kavanaugh hearings, I heard Dr. Blaise Ford speak about her experience. I thought a lot of what she mentioned I could identify with. When I heard the story of the two doors, I began to be skeptical and started investigating her. She's a total fraud. Somehow, it triggered a sense of being mocked. Afterward, I couldn't go no more than minutes without thinking about it. I could still hear his laughter, my screams and tears, fighting to keep my pants up and then feeling them around my ankles and what happened next.

He was too big, too strong. And his hands I'll not say more about them. Sometimes I feel like I could just explode because I can't tell anyone about it. I once told my wife it happened but didn't communicate the extent to which impacted me. I didn't want her to think me to be a head case. I have recently attended a men's Christian character symposium where men could go to speak of porn addictions or other sex related matters. I have found a lot of comfort there from Scripture and those who would just hear me out. My sense of guilt and shame for a guy desiring to use me as a woman was annoying.

However, after the Kavanaugh hearings it became unbearable. The sense of shame and guilt is now relenting and fading back into the background or, in the sense of guilt, dissipating altogether. It's the shame that still remains. But, it's possible to once more go more than an hour or two without it coming across my mind. It's getting better each time I speak with the guys. But, there are triggers. I remember trying to fight my teenage abuser off, but he was much older and seemed to enjoy overpowering me. Once I started thinking about him, rather than the emotions he left me with, I was able to begin getting over him.

It was after I got past the fear he had instilled in me and thought about sex that I remembered what he did to me. Before then I thought I wanted to be overpowered and raped by males like him and had many flashbacks. This made me feel ashamed, but I was eventually able to talk about my abuse. I was 9, the teenager was 16, the other abuser was my father.

Nowadays I can think of the abuse without feeling a sense of confusion. The teenager had left me feeling I might be homosexual and I was ashamed that I missed the sensations he gave me. Sometimes I would see him and I was immediately aware of his body and felt ashamed that I was focused on his groin. I did not feel he was using me as a woman, he seemed to want to harm then later punish me. I went along with my father's abuse because he seemed to need me and I needed him as a father.

I did not want him to use my sister and I knew my mother did not like sex with him since I often heard her reject him. I have never felt ashamed of allowing my father to abuse me, but I made him stop when I was 15, after he began forcing me. Later I talked to friends and family about my father. My mother had no trouble believing me and he deteriorated psychologically.

The teenager left me feeling ashamed and unwilling to talk, mainly because he made me look at my erection and told me I was enjoying his rape. He also used to threaten me with violence and punch me to increase my fear. I cannot remember all of my abuse, just up to when my abuser became aroused and afterwards when I would come round. Sarah survived decades of emotional abuse at the hands of her mother, whom she describes as a malignant narcissist. Although malignant narcissism is not officially recognized in medical literature as it is an experimental diagnostic category, it is thought that malignant narcissists tend to be aggressive, antisocial, and egocentric.

It made for an upsetting and traumatic childhood. As she got older, the abuse took on a sexualized component. When she saw pain, she fed off it like a vampire. Sarah lived in all-consuming fear of her mother.

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As she grew up, she learned to keep quiet and hide her own desires. Sarah was an echoist.

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Echoism has been popularized by psychologist Dr. Craig Malkin, whose book Rethinking Narcissism introduced many to the personality trait, although echoism was first coined in a paper by psychoanalyst Dean Davis.

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Echoism typically arises when someone is in a toxic relationship with a narcissist. The narcissist may be their partner, parent, or sibling. Highly sensitive, compassionate, and emotionally intelligent, echoists are extreme people-pleasers. The concept of echoism is drawn from the Greek myth of Narcissus and Echo. Most have heard of the god who became entranced by his own reflection. The lesser-known story is that of Echo, the wood nymph who was cursed to near-silence and able only to repeat the last words she hears.

They become adept at echoing the needs and feelings of more narcissistic people. People with narcissistic personality disorder NPD are exploitative, entitled, and lack empathy, Malkin explains. Malkin places echoism at the far end of the narcissistic spectrum he has developed: echoists have a fear of being needy, special, or selfish. As only one percent of the population has a clinical diagnosis of NPD, not all echoists will have been in relationships with individuals with diagnosed NPD, but rather with broader narcissistic tendencies.

Malkin estimates around 16 percent of the population exhibit narcissist behaviors, and many of these narcissists will have family members who may have been exposed to potential abuse, meaning that the concept of echoism resonates with a wide audience.

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Michael tells me that she launched an online forum for echoists and survivors of narcissistic abuse in November which now has 21, members. Narcissistic abuse includes psychological manipulation tactics like shaming, isolation, gaslighting and stonewalling. My sense of self was so weak. I hated any focus of attention on me. I wanted to be invisible. People with narcissistic parents will often unconsciously seek out narcissistic partners in adulthood. Those rollercoaster narcissistic relationships and friendships consumed all my time and energy.